Campagnolo 10 spd Chorus questions

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Campagnolo 10 spd Chorus questions

Postby spie4337 » Sun Apr 10, 2011 3:30 pm

Was hoping someone could tell me a few things about a Campagnolo 10spd Chorus groupset I own (dated mid 2000s). I've purchased it second hand and was wondering if, firstly, it should have a spacer behind the largest cog on the cassette to seperate it from the hub/spokes. Secondly, was hoping someone could tell me a bit about Campagnolo Ultrashit/Powershift. When was it introduced, and would Ultrashift/Powershift brake and gear cables work on older ergo groupsets (such as my Chorus 10spd).

Many thanks

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Re: Campagnolo 10 spd Chorus questions

Postby fitz » Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:37 am

Im no expert but here goes.
If your wheel is built correctly then there should be no need for a spacer. Careful adjustment of the travel of the RD will stop it rubbing the spokes. A spacer will move your whole cassette "out" and risk rubbing the chain on the rear driveside chainstay in 53/12-11. Having said that I have seen some campag wheels (Protons) with a thin 1mm plate on the freewheel. This prevents a 11s speed cassette being mounted on the wheel until it was removed.
Cables/outers work across all levels but now are "time" specific. The new cable outers can work with older systems, the older cable outers are a little to big to fit into the slots on the shiftlevers of the newer systems. Dont ask me where that cut off is exactly but around 2009. Campag is starting to do my head in with QS, ultrashift, powershift yabbada,yabbada :?
Can I have some of these?

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