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Re: Cornering

Postby mikesbytes » Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:45 pm

sogood wrote:At least most of them have their outer leg extended.

On that particular corner, pedal strike can happen
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Re: Cornering

Postby jimsheedy » Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:56 pm

Alex Simmons/RST wrote:Shape of the drops has a large impact on body position when you move from hoods to drops. Some handlebars shapes (e.g. round v "anatomic") are not suitable for some.

Like I said - it's a bike set up thing.

Thanks for all your tips. really helpful. I have been conscious of this technique for quite a while and it really does make a difference. I also have a motorbike background and Im thankfull for a lot of those skills and knowledge when riding, especially in traffic and constantly looking ahead to what might be about to happen.

The only trouble ive had is the shape of my bars. My old bike had the deeper ergo bars and I have a fixie with deep old school cinelli crit bars. Both of these bikes I have no problems riding in the drops. My current bike however has the shallow oval shaped bars which I realise now im not a big fan of. I have no problem riding in the drops I actually find it quite comfortable and I know the bike is set up right as I took a lot of care doing it.

But with the oval drops I find there is no comfortable midway point between the hoods and down on the bars. My hands just don't feel great in that curved bit. Obviously I should just get some different bars but ive had trouble finding any that are much different. Im looking online because bike shops don't really stock bars these days, or nothing worthwhile anyway.

Any suggestions?

Also are the bar ends on the new oval bars generally shorter or is it my imagination? My hands seem to want to slip off all the time?

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