To join or not to join...recreational ONLY -Sydney

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To join or not to join...recreational ONLY -Sydney

Postby kyap » Fri Jul 15, 2011 5:25 pm

I am newbie in Sydney and also this forum.
Not sure if its ok to create this new topic or continue with the previous one (recently same topic).

I am a recreational rider looking to ride on weekend in a group or riding partners. Not training/ race but mainly for exercising and for the love of cycling.
Ive asked around the lbs and they mentioned to look for more info in the web.
Ive came across many website about clubs and ride and most of them require membership even for recreational riding.

so basically,
1) is it necessary to join a club and pay for recreational riding category membership fees??
2) there are so many clubs around..does that mean every weekend ride I intend to join, I have to join membership as well?

Apologise if my questions are silly. Im just looking to start riding in group rides or someone to ride with in Sydney surroundings for hobby/ exercise purpose but I dont know where to start.


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