Penrith 20km TT target speed v Calga 25km speed

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Penrith 20km TT target speed v Calga 25km speed

Postby Chris249 » Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:12 am

I'm repeating this from the TT forum because that's quieter and I need an answer today.

I'm going to do the 20km TT at the flat Penrith course tomorrow. Does anyone know how my target speed should compare to the ones I get on the undulating 25km course at Calga? I'm a bit concerned that I won't get the chances to get my breath back that you get on the downhills at Calga.

It seems from results that for many people, the Calga and Penrith averages seem fairly close, which surprises me.

Also, does anyone know how many laps the 20km ride at Penrith is?

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