iphone4 mapmyride v cyclemeter

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Re: iphone4 mapmyride v cyclemeter

Postby scirocco » Sat Nov 12, 2011 4:20 pm

The .GPX file format is a kind of de facto standard format for storing route information on GPS devices, so any routing website that can't handle it is not going to be much use. Google Earth uses a different format, .KML. Google them and you'll get an idea of what they do.

I think that changing the activity from cycle to something else affects the energy burn calculation. I haven't checked it but I assume if you set it to Drive you shouldn't get much credit!

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Re: iphone4 mapmyride v cyclemeter

Postby snowmaan » Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:50 am

So, I have both apps, but love cyclemetre
But, only downfall is cyclemetre doesn't record all my rides on a website, but I "believe" mapmyride does right?

I love the mapymyride website for looking up maps and routes and tracking my rides easily in one spot

I know I get emails from CM but when busy you often forget about these and move on and they are just a nice to have to look back on
Is this right or anyone have any comments

Off to ride Brighton to kurnell now while there's no kids in the house and distractions, getting bored doing it alone though as a mate pulled out again

Got 1x Trek Madone 4.5 2010, and a casual Scot Hybrid 2008 or so, can't remember model (was about $800 new on special)
Commute to work 16km each way 3 days a week
Still struggle with leg / kneee strength
Want to rebuild an old bike to it's former glory

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