Vitus Zenium VRS vs Dark Plasma

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Vitus Zenium VRS vs Dark Plasma

Postby da_foles » Mon Aug 19, 2013 12:26 am

Hi, ... -prod85585
al frame with carbon forks $1218 ... -prod81025
cf frame and forks $1434

I'm caught between these two bikes. I have been getting back into road cycling on an old nishiki its been great but I would like some thing more modern with more gears for longer rides.
What you do all feel about getting the al frame being the zenium with 105 groupset and better wheelset vs the dark plasma with full carbon frame but a drop to tiagra groupset.

I save 200 dollars buying the al frame.

I really would be doing weekend rides and some commutes to work of about 10 k. To me both bikes look very similiar just with the al you can see joints at tubes.
Please help me out as these sales might be ending soon.

the al with carbon forks weighs in at 9kg while the CF comes it at 8.5kg.



Paul B
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Re: Vitus Zenium VRS vs Dark Plasma

Postby Paul B » Tue Aug 20, 2013 3:57 pm

First bike is alloy and Shimano 105 vs bike 2 Tiagra and low grade carbon. I think bike one is a better choice. Might weigh a little more but might prove more durable in the long term. Plus 105 is a better option.

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