Cell Omeo bikes

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Cell Omeo bikes

Postby Ignoto » Tue Dec 10, 2013 3:17 pm

I haven't seen too much discussion anywhere (outside of the Facebook realm) about Cells latest bikes; the Omeo 1.0 and 2.0.

Was just wondering what everyone's initial reactions are to them?

To me, they appear to be a pretty solid bargain, a full carbon + ultegra for the 1.0 at $2,000 with the 2.0 having Ultegra Di2. I'm quite a fan on the matte black finish, although I'm not too sure on the decals just yet.

I've tried to do some research on the Frame, but nothing comes up. I'd be interested to know how strong it may be. I'm concerned with the pricing being so aggressive along with the groupset, whether the frame was the area they saved costs on.

The Omeo 1.0 can be found here - http://www.cellbikes.com.au/Cell-2014-O ... gory=12632

The Omeo 2.0 can be found here - http://www.cellbikes.com.au/Cell-2014-O ... gory=12632

ball bearing
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Re: Cell Omeo bikes

Postby ball bearing » Tue Dec 10, 2013 3:29 pm

I had a look and thought about getting the 1.0 and then it struck me that I don't think my non-aero bikes are holding me back much. That, and I don't want to spend any money on wheels that will just hang in my shed, along with all the other stock wheels that come on built bikes. I'll see how the frames hold up for the guys that buy the first generation.

I'm really happy that I decided to build another bike instead.

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Re: Cell Omeo bikes

Postby lobstermash » Tue Dec 10, 2013 6:34 pm

I'd probably get one if I didn't buy a new roadie mid-year. For the price, the included wheelsets are pretty good value. I'm waiting to hear from someone more familiar with the Chinarellos on the market to tell us which open mould frame is being used to make these...

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Re: Cell Omeo bikes

Postby Cmm » Sat Dec 14, 2013 4:16 pm

Good looking bikes and sub 3k for di2 will be interesting to see the reviews come in!

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Re: Cell Omeo bikes

Postby AUbicycles » Wed Dec 18, 2013 7:09 pm

Cell have raised the bar on these with a well known frame designer- I need to do my research though understand that they are crossing over to become innovators.

Hopefully a bit more fact when I followup.

Newcastle Dave
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Re: Cell Omeo bikes

Postby Newcastle Dave » Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:43 pm

I bought an Omeo 2.0 the Saturday before Christmas. It was my first experience both with carbon frame and di2 (My previous bike was a Giant Defy running shimano tiagra)

I have clocked up around 700 km on it now (after completing the Rapha festive 500) and am very happy so far. My only issue was the mavic tyres couldnt deal with the broken beer bottles the Newcastle bogans seem to spread all over the place. After having three punctures in three rides I swapped the rear for a Maxis refuse and so far so good. (although it did seem a bugger to install on the Mavic rims, but thats probably just my ineptitude)

Havent noticed any real improvment in my Strava times, but I comfortably did the 500 km in 6 days, and I normally only average 500-600 km a month.

Changes certainly seem smoother and I find myself shifting bit more (especially the chainring) where before I may have struggled in the existing gear rather than trying a quick change.

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