Most durable tubular tires?

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Re: Most durable tubular tires?

Postby zill » Tue Jul 08, 2014 8:58 pm

Cul wrote:If you are looking to use Tubulars for durability reasons, you are using them for the WRONG reasons. Yes in my experience they have been much more durable than clinchers on the crappy roads around home... But my reasoning behind using them is because they ride MUCH better than any clincher I have ridden. Much like Tubeless tires on an MTB (of which I was an early adopter).

Derny, that is just showtime luck!!!

But which clincher tires were you using?

I have been using the Durano Plus which I am really impressed with. However, there is no tubular version. I wonder if the durano with a liquid sealant in the tire will be as strong as the durano plus?

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