Should I start?!

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Should I start?!

Postby GustavoZ » Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:18 pm

Hi folks,

There are many things we should learn and prepare to get ready to ride, right? Probably yes.

I have never ridden a road bicycle before as I have just ridden a few times ('normal' bicycles) to get to school and/or to my job 10 years ago (after this just by car as I got too lazy). I'm crazy to buy a road bicycle and go for it, but I'm worried as now I have a budget just for the bike, not for everything else, I mean, properly shoes and clothes.

So my question is, can I start to ride or should I get everything else first? You could think that this is a stupid question but I'm really thinking about this as everyone I see during the day is like a pro :roll:


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Re: Should I start?!

Postby brumby33 » Tue Jan 24, 2017 12:30 am

All you need to do is buy a decent bike of choice, allow for the price of helmet 50-70 bucks, get bike shop to give you bell (legal requirement & cheap) ask bikeshop to do you a deal on a set of lights from and rear. All the rest of the stuff you can buy as you go...pending budget but you got the basics....don't worry too much about cycling clothes, shoes just yet...just take the bike some where quiet like a bike path area, and get accustomed to it, eg: gears, brakes, feel of it etc. Can be a bit unnerving if you haven't ridden for a good while.

Just take it easy if you haven't ridden in a while, don't try and push in too high a gear but in any case, ensure that the chain is on biggest back cog at the rear at least to start and just go through them one by one.
Ensure that the seat is up high enough so you're not loading your knees up too much, at bottom dead centre of pedal, your leg needs to be just slightly bent, not locked straight, if you find yourself rocking too much side to side as you pedal, just lower the seat a bit untill you're not doing it anymore.

I reckon another good accessory is a rear view mirror on your handlebars, so you can see anything coming from behind before you make a turn. I value mine.


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Re: Should I start?!

Postby g-boaf » Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:17 am

And a light touch on the bars, no death grip on them. Use your core to help keep everything steady.

Just take it easy to start with and get used to how a road bike feels, they will seem a lot sharper than other bikes. I mean my Giant TCR Advanced SL in comparison with my Trek (both road bikes), the Trek feels like a great big ship of a thing. The Giant is so sharp in the way it reacts. Not scary at all, just really responsive. If you aren't used to that feeling, it might take time to adjust.

Also get used to riding on the drops, those will give you a lot more control.

If you do get started with clipless pedals (eg Shimano SPD-SL or one of the others), then here is a little video to help:

You always make sure you unclip (twist the ankle to the outside) ahead of any time you expect you might need to stop. You can back off the tension in the Shimano pedals quite easily. Some of their cleats have more float than others, yellow has quite a lot of float, red has none and blue is in the middle. For me, the blue cleats feel about right. Depending on your preferences, I tend to prefer getting going in a slightly higher gear as I have strong legs. If my other foot doesn't clip in right away, no drama, I'm in a gear big enough to keep going and get some speed. You can practice pedaling with one leg as well, you'll get used to the feeling of that and be able to do that pretty smoothly.

Those little road bike mirrors are okay, but you'll want to get used to doing head checks smoothly, like how the track riders do when they start off and are riding along super slowly and the guy in front is watching the rider behind him to see what he is doing and when he is going to sprint. Like Simon Van Velthooven is doing here:
Another example too:

brumby33 wrote:do you a deal on a set of lights from and rear.

Not all lights are equal, I'd be wary of some ones that might be bundled in. The best front ones I've had are Ay-Ups, really dependable for long rides at night. Real quality. Rear lights will depend on your bike, but Moon tend to do good ones. Lezyne also okay, but the way they fasten to the seat post on the one I had wasn't secure. It fell off one time not far from my home, fortunately I was able to get it back. Second time, gone for good. :(

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