Cycling in the Zone

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Re: Cycling in the Zone

Postby HausFinch » Sun Sep 17, 2017 11:08 am

Back when I was a competitive high school runner, the rhythm of running could put you in a very focused but relaxed state, while remaining at a high level of exertion. I remember one time when someone on a balcony above the street shouted explosively at me as I passed under them, trying to spook me. I registered the sound but didn't flinch or break stride or change my head or eye position. I heard them say after I passed "Now that's a runner."

Lately I've debated whether or not I could benefit from a heart rate monitor to get more out of my riding, or at least understand in quantifiable terms my output level. (I'm usually a few decades behind the curve in technology so forget about the power meter.) But then I tell myself that staring at the tiny computer screen is not how I want to ride.

Often times when I think, "Wow I'm in the zone now," turns out I'm just being pushed by a tailwind. Tailwinds are the best! Everything seems to be flying by silently, with so little effort.

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Re: Cycling in the Zone

Postby foo on patrol » Sun Sep 17, 2017 1:02 pm

I only check my HR occasionally when riding but will look at it over different segments of the ride, when I'm finished. :idea:

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