Hi All

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Hi All

Postby camelliott » Mon Feb 12, 2007 6:02 pm

Hi All

Im new to the forum, but am looking forward to a long association. I have been reading the pasts on here for a while now and have recently (saturday last week) decided to buy a new MTB after a 5 year hiatus. i used to do some DH riding on a craftworks ML1 (not sure if they even exist anymore!), then i sold it coz i was sick of crashing and getting hurt. i bought a Peugeot road bike pretty soon after to keep fit but i havent ridden it in so long i cant remember. I guess road riding is not for me...

AAnyway, myself and my partner have both decided to buy new MTBs, she a Giant Yukon, me a Giant Talon so unfortunately we will be haselling you lovely people on here for a while to come about places to ride (we're in Hawthorn East, Melbourne) and the usual stuff.

PS. I have posted in the buying section about getting rid of my road bike, i cant be bothered rewriting it here but any help with getting rid of it would be greatly appreciated




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