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Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2007 10:09 am
by uMP2k
tuco wrote:I know what you're going through.

Welcome to our weather up here :lol:

That's alright Perth is in for a cool change tomorrow: 38 degrees and humid! Now we really are living in the tropics!

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2007 10:23 am
by tuco
We had pleasant conditions today riding at 6am. It was 24 C with an apparent temp of 27C and 83% humidity. Almost felt cool.

Probably sounds hot but it was better than what we've had lately.

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 12:25 am
by moosterbounce
Well, almost 10.30pm and still 30 degrees. I gave up any hope of a ride today...with family commitments, I haven't been on the bike since last Wednesday actually :(

I have two steam trains on their mattresses (dogs panting in overdrive) so our house is very humid!!

I'm going to bed...airconditioned bedroom...


Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 9:45 am
by heavymetal
moosterbounce wrote:I'm going to bed...airconditioned bedroom...

No power from 9 PM to 5 AM. Sat here and listended to the sound of exploding transformers as the power grid melted down for the 4th successive day.

30 degrees in house at 1 AM. Neighbours a bit pi**ed when I fired the big generator up at 2 AM :D Gotta keep beer cold.

Only 105 days to go until I'm out of HellonEarth (new name for Perth) :shock:

Gotta go thermal alarms have gone off again........

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 9:55 pm
by tuco
At least it's better than Bedout Island.
The eye of cyclone George just crossed over it with winds of 195km/h and gusts up to 275km/h.

Nasty head wind.

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 10:09 pm
by heavymetal
Just heard that a cycle tourist has been sighted up north with melted bicycle tyres. It's over 50 degrees. :shock:

Am waiting for some photos.

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 10:44 pm
by gdl_gdl
Temps came down to a reasonable 30 C by 4.30pm so I ventured out for the first time in 3 days. It's amazing how fresh you feel when you do give it a break!

For those people in Perth, the end of Connolly Drive in Butler is becoming known as Time Trail Hill :wink: (Standing Sprint to the top and slow descent x 5, followed later by the slog that is Neerabup Road (800m+ length) climb that connects you back to Marmion Avenue. And if you survive that you then have to cross Marmion Avenue rush hour traffic to get back to Mindarie! :wink:



Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 11:45 pm
by pugsly
tuco wrote:Nasty head wind.

Yeah, but one hell of a tail wind!

Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 10:23 pm
by moosterbounce
I give up. Went out just after 9am this morning and was actually cold!! 2 days ago Perth had it's hottest March day at yet this morning I froze!! Aaah well. Managed a ride albeit into a southerly which didn't help the north/south ride much.

Gary - I don't really like the sounds of your TT Hill regardless of the weather (but I reckon I'll give it a go soon cos I'm a sucker :wink: )!! Today we did 5 laps of my circuit - hit the road along the beach at the end of Shenton Ave and head south to Hodges Drive, round the roundabout and back down (north) until you hit the end of the road. Then turn around and do it all again!! It is a bit of a hill heading south, but you get a great run (55kmh easy) heading north. It is just over a 5km loop and the road has only recently been laid so is smooooooooooth!! :)

Anyway, rain expected sometime next week as a result of the 2 cyclones up north which will be nice.


Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 10:42 pm
by Bnej
Went riding at about 10 degrees this morning, it's getting cold. Bought some lycra arm warmers this afternoon. :)

Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 6:46 am
by pugsly
I'm just about to go out, and it's a balmy 19C :)