Adelaide House Hunting

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Adelaide House Hunting

Postby robbiepapenfus » Thu Sep 27, 2012 10:45 am

Hi All,

I know that this is probably not the correct place to post this topic, but i should find a suitable place to post the below... so here goes.

Well the house hunting in Adelaide has started and we have seen a few places and put in a few applications.

We have had applications approved for properties in Park Holme and Flinders Park. Both properties are older homes, but seems to be very convenient in terms of commuting to work in Unley (bicycle for me, bus for my son who will be going to Unley Primary).

We have also put in applications for a property in Klemzig and Dernancourt. Both very nice homes, very modern etc.

All these properties are within our price range (under $400pw), but we really hoping we get the property in Klemzig.

Worst case scenario, at least we have two properties to choose from (Park Holme and Flinders). There is not alot of difference between the two houses, but would anyone be able to give feedback on the areas? As I am new here, the below is the only information i know on the areas:

Flinders Park – 6km from Henley Beach, 50min bus ride to son’s school in Unley (bus 100), 10km from my office in Greenhill Road
Park Holme – 5km from Glenelg Beach, 35min bus ride to son’s school in Unley (bus 190), 9km from my office in Greenhill Road

As you can see, not much difference in terms of those basic factors.

Are there any other factors i should take into consideration with these areas?

Look forward to hearing from you guys.


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Re: Adelaide House Hunting

Postby takai » Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:18 pm

As someone who lived in Klemzig its a good area. Good access to transport and arterial roads without having tons of traffic.

Your price range is pretty realistic too.

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Re: Adelaide House Hunting

Postby MichaelB » Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:35 pm

Flinders park has a fair bit of housing trust as well. Don't know much about others.

May be best to get mods to move this to the South Australia sub-forum a bit lower.

You'll love the city :D

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Re: Adelaide House Hunting

Postby eeksll » Thu Sep 27, 2012 11:34 pm

I'd suggest having a look at bus routes if its not a specific school bus. Adelaide public transport i.e. buses are good when going into the city, but are completely crap otherwise. If not on route to the city it would not be uncommon to have to catch a few "connecting" buses and in some cases, head into the city then head back out.

Check times too, I know there are sometimes only 2 buses along a route in a day, one at the start of the day and one at the end of business day. Good in concept but garbage if you miss the bus or your not going at those times.

I have just been through this with my mother who is trying to do some volunteer work and we can't actually find a sensible route for her to get there.

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Re: Adelaide House Hunting

Postby jimbo- » Sat Sep 29, 2012 9:40 pm

Couple of things.

Klemzig / Felixstow has some housing trust dispersed within in. Not a huge deal but worth a mention. Nice area overall.

More importantly - crossing the city from to go from Klemzig or (god forbid) Dernancourt will be... Character building. To say the least. You could probably do it in two buses, but still, you are talking at least an hour bus commute from Klemzig, far longer from Dernancourt.

If I were you I would be sticking south of the city, or alternatively, find a bus on the northern side that turns into the appropriate bus on the eastern side. For instance, the 209 from Salisbury via Bridge/Hampstead/NE roads turns into the 171 to Mitcham. Or at least, it used to.

Bike commute = fun. Bus commute = no fun.

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