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Re: I'm an idiot thread

Postby find_bruce » Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:27 am

WestcoastPete wrote:Just received two new identical bicycle locks. Took them out of the packets. Each had a "Code card" that you use if you ever need new keys for the lock. Great! Put them safely in the draw of no return.

Then I realised; which code is for which lock?

It is actually an interesting combination of Schrödinger's cat & Sod's law - whilst in the drawer of no return both codes are in an inderminate state, being neither right nor wrong. It is only by the act of observation, being the loss of 1 key and taking 1 code to get a new key, that the code is resolved into a single state - which Sod's law dictates will be wrong. :D
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by BNA » Tue Feb 26, 2013 8:47 pm


Re: I'm an idiot thread

Postby Joeblake » Tue Feb 26, 2013 8:47 pm

Many years ago I used to perform at folk clubs and I'd pedal around carrying anything from 1 to 4 musical instruments strapped to a rigid framed rucksack. Making the final landing approach along the footpath outside one club in the dark and didn't see a low hanging branch. This caught the neck of the guitar strapped to my back and tried to pluck me from the bike. I grabbed the handle bars and saw the front wheel rising to the occasion. My immediate reaction? Slam on the front brake. :roll: As the branch let go of my guitar I plunged forward and saw my autoharp come flying out of the rucksack and land on the concrete footpath. I waited for it to crumple under tension of 36 strings, but it only got a few minor scratches, which remind me of that night to this moment.

My second one. In the early '90s I was riding my first 'bent trike and I found I was low enough to ride through the metal staples that sometimes inhabit footpaths. As I passed through I heard a scraping sound and then felt a whack on the back of my head. I'd forgotten I had a safety flag on a springy fibre glass pole, and it had bent backwards, then snapped forwards. Luckily I always wear a helmet.

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Re: I'm an idiot thread

Postby westab » Tue Feb 26, 2013 9:31 pm

This morning real idiot :oops: got up at 630 like usual. Had breakfast like usual. Put mrs westab's treadmill away like usual. Made kids lunchs like usual........yada yada yada......kids being slack like usual (getting uniforms on, leaving bowls on table, ...... yada yada yada ........) have shower and start getting self ready for work - pack lunch in pannier, pack cloths, put laptop bag in pannier. Kids and Mrs Westab out the door for school runs, me out the door, alarm on, roll down drive way.

Round first corner near home - bike feels too light for cloths and everything. Stop - check panniers everything there yes must just be going mad :shock: ok of we go.

Still not right - stop again open panniers check again - feel laptop bag - Bag yes - LAPTOP NO :cry: :oops: :cry: BACK HOME get laptop put in bag :oops: glad I was feeling good so tore up hills and made up the time lost - got to work on time :wink: no harm done - and no explaining it to the boss (at work or home). :D

Am going to put laptop in bag now. :mrgreen:
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