Have I hit a brick wall?

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Re: Have I hit a brick wall?

Postby adrian_d » Wed Oct 16, 2013 1:09 pm

adrian_d wrote:Hey all,
I haven't been online for a bit,

I had a entrance ticket for the connecteast ride for homes event and found myself a bit reserved about attending the event.

Even though that cycling event only comes up once a year and found myself wanting to catch up with a friend on the day instead. I think I may have been a bit burnt out after the Bupa Around The Bay event. Its not that I didn't enjoy it, I loved the event and found myself having the time of my life.

Since Bupa I have got back into cars and feel like spending some money on the car instead, so much that I ended up going from 6 bikes to 1 (just the prolite), now in the back of my mind I am tempted to sell the pro-lite to get a cheaper fixie bike but I just know I am going to regret it in the future. I spent 2.5 months building up the prolite and I doubt I could get a half decent bike for the money I spent putting mine together. I haven't actually ridden my bike since the day but I can feel like the interest is coming back.

In the past i've always been someone that changes interests so drastically and that is one of the reasons I got into Cycling, its the one interest i've enjoyed so thoroughly. I just know if I change, i'll sell my stuff and get one in the future again, wasting more money.

Hey all,
Thought i might update this thread since its been almost a month since writing the first post. I've actually gone down to just 1 bike prior to last week (my gitane mountain bike) which I hadn't ridden once since last year. I was considering a recumbent trike but was swayed into an awesome Gitane Mach 1600 (bigger brother of the Mach 1200 that got me into road bikes in the first place).

I can confidently say that my passion is back more than ever, I must admit it is somewhat complemented by the awesome weather that we are slowly getting through spring. I have slowly worn off my drive to jump between interests so much, so i'm able to enjoy more than one at a modest level (if I push too much sometimes I get exhausted and feel like doing something else, especially if the interest is new or too expensive).

Here I am 5 days from Bupa around the Bay wishing I had trained the last few months and I was going to attend. I am no where near fit (very unfit at the moment) and feel very sluggish but i've got to start again somewhere. I am also hugely disapointed that I didn't do the Hanover Connecteast ride last year, especially that it was the last time the event was being run.

I guess i'm writing this to let others know that you can't give up on what you enjoy, if you have the passion for cycling then be sure to keep at it. Your average kms will get better, and you will become stronger with proper training.

I am now starting at the beginning again, I don't even have my old helmet or a cycling computer. Bit by bit.

Hello again to everyone :)

2. Attend 250km Bupa 2014

My Cycling Journey Blog (Needs Updating)

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Re: Have I hit a brick wall?

Postby ldrcycles » Wed Oct 16, 2013 7:47 pm

He's back! :) . Good to hear you're back in the saddle man, and the Gitane looks nice too.
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Re: Have I hit a brick wall?

Postby BianchiCam » Wed Oct 16, 2013 8:04 pm

Good luck getting back to 'ride fit'

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Re: Have I hit a brick wall?

Postby Paul B » Thu Oct 17, 2013 7:44 pm

greyhoundtom wrote:I’m a bit like you and tend to get just a little over enthusiastic about whatever grabs my imagination, and then it’s like a bull at a gate, it becomes the only thing I think and talk about, and I won’t leave it alone until I achieve what I set out to do.

Yea me too. I am pretty obsessed at the moment. Glad of it though, especially if I can sustain my commitment for a long period. The only other thing that I have pursued with similar vigor is photography, which I ultimately made a living out of for around 20 years. Lost interest in that now and filled the void with cycling... Too late to ever become great at it but not too late to enjoy pushing myself to my maximum capacity. Lots of fun :mrgreen:

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