Online shopping revolution?

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Re: Online shopping revolution?

Postby Andrew09 » Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:51 pm

Ross wrote:If you don't like their prices then don't shop there! Pretty simple really. If I go to a shop, wether it be online or B&M and I get bad service or they are too expensive, instead of moaning about I simply leave and try somewhere else.

When I want to buy a bike part(s) I usually do a quick search using Frugal Rouleur or Byke and then maybe check Cell Bikes as well to see who has it in stock and who has the best price. Then I might come to the forum and see if there are any discount codes floating around and then I place an order.

I've never bought anything from CE , and probably for good reason. I am very good at taking my business elsewhere and I always let the shop owner/manager know about it. Voting with your feet and your mouth can go a long way. Cell Bikes don't seem to have a problem during specific busy times during the year. I once ordered a couple of advretised specials at 8am and received it at 2pm the very same day. And they don't have a multitude of staff members.

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