timing device for multi-day event??

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timing device for multi-day event??

Postby lordbiggington » Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:47 am


This is probably a long shot.......

I'm searching for some advice on a timing device for a multi-day cycling event - world record attempt around Australia (http://www.challengeforchange.org.au/ev ... -challenge). I need to time the event over a whole month .

I was looking to get a semi-professional sports clock, one to display at the event start location and another to travel with us around the country, but all the ones I've found on the net max out at 99 hours. Really need one with the ability to display days, hours, minutes (and preferably seconds).

I will look at either hire or buy if the price is right.

thanks for any advice


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Re: timing device for multi-day event??

Postby george-bob » Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:55 am

What about something like these:

http://www. ali express .com/item/Sell-large-day-led-countdown-clock/524341915.html

http://ledcountdowntimer.blogspot.com.a ... unter.html

They are countdown clocks, but maybe they also count up? or could be modified to count up?

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