Rapha Releases Satchel/Dispatch Ride Video

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Rapha Releases Satchel/Dispatch Ride Video

Postby Omar@Go-Alliance » Sat Mar 02, 2013 11:14 pm

Today Rapha released this teaser video.

The 1909/1912 Adelaide to Sydney Satchel Ride was a 63-segment 24x7 relay that took just 3 days to go the 1800 km on what would have been challenging road conditions. As a result of our work last year doing an initial reconnoitre we got Rapha interested in doing a brief re-creation of it. This video is the result of that effort. The full length version is still due in the coming days.

We are still working on re-discovering and documenting the full route and creating it as a national historic trail. Given the commitment to Rapha and my work on developing Go! this has necessarily taken a back seat for a while. Nonetheless, the Satchel Ride is now trademarked and a web site will soon be developed to commemorate this famous event in Australian cycling history.

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