best aprils fools effort

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best aprils fools effort

Postby scotto » Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:14 am

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Re: best aprils fools effort

Postby george-bob » Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:38 am

you know, this might not be as ridiculous as it seems, electronic shifting means you can have the shifters anywhere you want! plus, with BS you could shift in any position, climbing, sprinting, rolling, whatever you are doing you can shift! (unless you are out of the saddle...)

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Re: best aprils fools effort

Postby bigfriendlyvegan » Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:08 am

I can think of a slightly better place to put them. Clench to go up a gear, relax to go down. Kegels FTW.

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Re: best aprils fools effort

Postby g-boaf » Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:34 am

How about Real Food from Skratch Labs. However, it didn't work for those using mobile devices who generally don't watch the videos to save bandwidth costs. :lol:

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