AC tubeless wheelset

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AC tubeless wheelset

Postby warthog1 » Mon Jun 10, 2013 1:41 pm

Interesting story (was to me anyway) here.
Discusses some aspects of tubeless tyre fitment.-

“If you look inside the rim at some point you will see the distance between the hook and the bead seat is very short. A lot of people see that and think the rim is a smaller diameter, but in fact the rim is the same diameter as any standard rim. It’s just that the bead seat is larger. The tires fit tighter. The bead has to stretch more before it pops into place. Then there is a shelf that supports the bead and centers it. This is the proper way to design a rim. If you look at car tires or car rims, motorcycle rims, even wheelbarrow rims, they don’t try to center the tire on a hook like a bicycle tire. That is a crazy thing to do because it will never really center. Not really. You force it up a cone and on to a shelf and yes, it really will center perfectly. Every other kind of tire in the world, except bicycles, does that. It forces the casing out of the rim a little bit further.

I am not in the market for them, I dont see them as being too durable but he had a spiel on 2-1 spoking too. Don't know how true it is in practice though

The rear wheel is a stiff as a 32 spoke wheel. Here is the reason why. On the drive side I have 16 spokes. The same as a 32 spoke wheel. That is why the drive side is the same stiffness as a 32 spoke wheel, but on the non-drive side I only have 8 spokes. Those 8 spokes have to do the job of 16 spokes on a 32 spoke wheel. What I have done is increase the bracing angle so that they have more power. One spoke with an increased bracing angle can do the job of two spokes with a reduced bracing angle. The bracing angle, since I can move that non-drive side flange where ever I want, I chose to put it where the tension in that non-drive side spoke will be equal to the tension in the drive side spoke. I adjusted the bracing angle to make it so.
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Re: AC tubeless wheelset

Postby elantra » Mon Jun 10, 2013 11:01 pm

Great website {here} article. Thanks for sharing.

(trying to resist making joke about re-inventing the wheel...) :wink:
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