Proximity camera function

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Proximity camera function

Postby Paul B » Sat Aug 31, 2013 7:23 pm

So what if there was a feature in bicycle mounted video cameras which measured a vehicle's proximity to the bicycle. If the vehicle came within a predetermined distance, than a series of stills could be generated and logged for easy location. Imagine if the authorities supported this evidence and a large number of cyclist's became involved.
Sure it is not going to happen, pro active thinking is what we need from people who can make a difference, and that is not likely.

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Re: Proximity camera function

Postby Timeonabike » Sat Aug 31, 2013 7:37 pm

Easy done. Maybe.Surely the mass production of proxy sensors on cars these days means they're cheap and plentiful?

Will add it my my list of hacks I plan to do on the Mobius camera when I get the time.



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Re: Proximity camera function

Postby TTar » Sun Sep 01, 2013 8:38 am

Maybe it would be more practical to have it also trigger a bright flashing light to warn the driver rather than just recording the impending disaster?

It would also need to be linked to a speed sensor or be made otherwise "smart" so that it doesn't fire off when filtering slowly through traffic, moving past parked cars or at other times when you're safely close to a car.

As for having such a system recognised by authorities: careful what you wish for. Once such an arrangement is approved you and the entire cycling community become subservient to those authorities. Your device would have to be checked, fitted in an approved manner to your bike, calibrated and registered to be officially accepted. And if it becomes an accepted norm it'll take no time at all before a jumped-up regulator decides that bikes riding on roads with cars must be fitted with one of these devices...

It's an interesting idea though. I'd suggest it triggers a warning light and captures the imagery but also transmits the video/stills to a site for later use as evidence if required. In the same way it was made known (as a warning) that cyclists were recording their rides, let it be known cyclists are now carrying these things. Bogan sees flashing light, bogan experiences sinking feeling, bogan backs off. This device could be marketed as "The Bogan Pacifier".
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