Uneven Braking Surface - Shimano C50 9000

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Uneven Braking Surface - Shimano C50 9000

Postby rebem » Sun Sep 22, 2013 5:07 pm

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues with uneven brake surfaces on Shimano C50 9000 wheels? Both front and back on my new set have a definite "blip" in them, and possibly at more than one spot, making braking a little unnerving with slight shudder. I thought I might have a dud set but a mate (who bought from a different shop) has the same issue.

The joins are relatively smooth so I'm not sure where the issue is. Wheels are true to within 0.2 or so of a mm but the rims may flare ever so slightly in places. Cleaning and mild sanding doesn't help. :-(

Anyone else with this problem? Considering sending them back but I love the speed they're giving me so much!

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