BNE Framebuilding course

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BNE Framebuilding course

Postby GreenGaz » Thu Nov 28, 2013 10:40 pm

Hi everyone,

Hopefully I have chosen the right place to post this ad. If not, my apologies.

I am interested in undertaking a frame building course here in Brisbane. There is one offered by SkillsTech in Bracken Ridge

http://coursesearch.skillstech.tafe.qld ... _Q334.ashx

It is part time, Tuesday nights for 12 months!

I am still seeking more information on the course, but haven't had a chance to call through to TAFE again. They have sent me some literature on the course but it seems to be just what is printed on the website. I have officially registered an 'Expression of Interest' with TAFE. This means that if enough people are interested the course could go ahead in February of 2014.

Anyway, I wanted to post this to see if anyone would be interested in the course? This is for selfish reasons as the more people interested the more chance of the course going ahead! :)

I will post more information on the course as it comes to hand, but I just came across this recently and decided to jump on it right away.

Thanks, Adam

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