Princes Highway bike lanes

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Re: Princess highway bike lanes

Postby Xplora » Wed Dec 04, 2013 5:29 pm

ironhanglider wrote:
Xplora wrote:Case in point - these would have be removed in Queensland because they wouldn't be acceptable under a 1m passing gap regime. The disappearing lane is bad, the fact that there is no wobble space is utterly unacceptable. :( I ride a lot and I couldn't guarantee I wouldn't move into the "car lane" trying to do a headcheck. It's a solution looking for a problem. Put a big old bike in the middle of the left hand lane and call it done!

I agree, a big bike symbol in the middle of the left lane. Maybe a sign to indicate that cars may share the bike lane at 30km/h. :twisted:



That's so crazy it just might work...

That's the dumbest thing about all this pro-car rubbish... they fail to see that the solution to all safety issues is always "SLOW THE CARS DOWN". Behave yourselves, smokeboxers, otherwise that 50kmh speed limit might be a wistful dream in 20 years. :idea:

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