Processed food - what to do??

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Re: Processed food - what to do??

Postby casual_cyclist » Wed Apr 09, 2014 4:37 pm

Regarding the comments that food hasn't changed much... interesting comments from Dr Rosemary Stanton:

“Humans have been eating grains and dairy foods for 10,000 years and for the first 9,950 we didn’t gain weight,” she said.

The real reason for our weight problems can be linked to the fact there were only 600-800 foods available until the advent of supermarkets introduced 30,000 new products, most of which were ultra processed, she said.

30,000 new products! :shock:

No wonder people don't know what to eat anymore. ... 6878148298
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Re: Processed food - what to do??

Postby PapaJohn » Wed Apr 09, 2014 5:05 pm

I think that last post is on the money about how hard it is to eat well.

Once, to get feed, one had to work to do it. Prepare the meal, or eat it all raw - basic ingredients, (If you didn't have to find it, pick it, kill it too) not exactly palatable. Now we can just buy it.

Where once there were limits, we really don't have them as they existed up until 150 years or so ago.

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Re: Processed food - what to do??

Postby Xplora » Wed Apr 09, 2014 5:19 pm

It's an entire mindset though, PJ... the basic tenets of our existence are things we should take pleasure in. We have to work to eat. You derive satisfaction from completing your work. We have to commute. You should derive satisfaction from that commute - the enormous amount of positive energy on this forum from people who ride to work and love it is really quite incredible when you consider the dangers and risks of cycle commuting (even if its just rain or sweat). You should derive pleasure from preparing a meal too! The permanent fixture of cooking programs on air for decades shows that there are a number of us who enjoy the process of preparing the food.

Our culture has peddled a myth that the mundane tasks we must accomplish are not as intrinsically rewarding as buying an IPhone or dare I say it a Colnago with Super Record, or taking a holiday to Hawaii... we work like dogs to pay for things that won't satisfy, and food consumption is just part of that picture. Don't waste your time making your food, you could be unlocking inner peace! The truth is that humanity gets inner peace from making their food and doing things they need to do, not by short cuts to allow more time for the yoga lesson.

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Re: Processed food - what to do??

Postby uglybob » Wed Apr 09, 2014 5:25 pm

casual_cyclist wrote:
toofat wrote:those that think food hasnt changed much havent been around for long enough
the message is just buy unprocessed foods but its getting increasingly difficult

Swansea St Markets. ... rkets.html

I find these days I spend more $ at Swansea and Spud Shed than at coles and woolies.

toofat wrote:15 years ago the butcher sold just meat, nothing added

Ha ha. Leondards Chicken. They don't sell fresh meat, just ready to eat with who knows what added. There a new butcher at Swansea St. Not sure what they sell but it looks legit. Maybe worth a look?

from memory all the chicken at Swansea St is all Mt Barker chicken. and the rest of the meat is definitely not your usual Coles / Woolies stuff. always good to have a butchers in the family :wink:

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