Cycling Aerodynamics on Coursera

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Cycling Aerodynamics on Coursera

Postby eldavo » Wed Apr 09, 2014 7:27 pm

Final week of the free 6 week online course has these topics below.
Should be essential knowledge for armchair experts with the upcoming grand tours over the northern hemisphere summer.

Week 6: Cycling aerodynamics
Why study cycling aerodynamics?
Wind-tunnel testing for a single cyclist – Part 1
Wind-tunnel testing for a single cyclist – Part 2
CFD simulations for a single cyclist
Aerodynamics of two drafting cyclists
Aerodynamics of drafting cyclist groups
Aerodynamics of car-cyclist combinations
Interview with professional cycling coaches from teams Belkin and RaboLiv

The last three parts of the course assume a lower degree of scientific knowledge and are geared toward a more general audience. :lol:
These parts are explicitly intended at the widest possible audience. Again, the full benefit from the course will be obtained by participants with a background in mathematics and physics (fluid mechanics).

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Re: Cycling Aerodynamics on Coursera

Postby dalai47 » Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:26 pm

Nice to see they are showing more detail about each weeks topics. When I signed up for this months ago they only had the main headings listed. :wink:

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