Rider down and out in Melb CBD :(

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Postby im_no_pro » Wed Dec 03, 2008 8:48 pm

wintal wrote:
ajh_ausnzcf wrote:
im_no_pro wrote:
ajh_ausnzcf wrote:All motor vehicles should give way to cyclists and pedestrians in all situations, no excuses.

The reality is it's a matter of civility, always give way to the vulnerable.

So you are suggesting that the idiot that ran out in front of me (I was driving, not riding) on the highway coming into Geelong the other day was fine to stroll in front of vehicles doing 80kph?? Methinks you wont get much support on that one.

Unfortunately you've missed the point! What do you know about that person? Are they an idiot? You do know that they are in a vulnerable position right or wrong, and if you are capable of caring about people outside your small world you would give way at least. NO EXCUSES.

You are not judge, jury and executioner. It doesn't matter how much support I have, it doesn't matter what the majority thinks, this is a matter of civility on the part of the individual. The law is the last resort for those who don't have the ability to behave rightly. The public road is not a fight for survival.

In the case of the topic thread, a death has occurred that could have been avoided. The bus driver will have that on their conscience for the rest of their life if they are indeed human.


It is _always_ your responsibility in all situations to try and avoid killing people. The law does not say 'it's ok to run someone down if they didn't have right of way', you're still supposed to _try_ and stop.

Common courtesy is distinctly un-common in this country.


Agree with this. I probably didnt state it too well in my first post - that'll teach me for quickly banging in a post at work. There is a difference between taking evasive action to avoid an accident/incident is different to giving way.

What do you know about that person? Are they an idiot?

Pretty comfortable calling someone running across a busy highway straight out of the bottle shop with a 6 pack under an arm an idiot. Me slamming on the brakes to avoid hitting him is not giving way. Giving way assumes that he had right of way, which in this occasion he clearly did not. If he did legally have right of way, and I had hit him, I would have been charged. Pretty comfortable that wouldnt have happened.

Dont get me wrong here, i'm all for all users sharing roads in a sensible manner, just disagree that vehicles have to give way to pedestrians in all situations. If that was the case a pedestrian could stroll out on the road whenever they wanted and expect the traffic to come to a screaming halt.

As with a few other threads on similar topics in this and other forums, most of the opposing views seem to be caused by different interpretations of a certain term (and yes, im including myself in this).[/quote]
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