Bosch Performance Line Cases

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Bosch Performance Line Cases

Postby Inspectorgadget » Sat Dec 23, 2017 12:53 am

I bought a new Scott e-Aspect 720 on Sunday.

I fell off it today after trying something ok on my fat bike but not on a mountain bike, mounting a curb at 45 degree angle doing maybe 12k or so I guess.

So scraped parts and a 10k ride back to Whitford Nodes from Burns Beach against a head wind with no power as the sensor on the rear wheel had been moved. I did realign it but incorrectly.

Again Bikeforce in Woodvale sorted it in a jiffy. Great service again. I got a puncture the first hour of ownership and they picked me up and fixed it. Yes really.

My concern is the engine case partly came apart but did clip back in. Looking at it though I thought this is a real broken as designed issue, unacceptable for a mountain bike. Bosch have fixed this with the CX.

I imagine at some stage this will get smashed.

Any thought or experiences?

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