giro d'italia, the logistics of going to the last 5 stages..

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giro d'italia, the logistics of going to the last 5 stages..

Postby newierider » Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:49 am

hi guys, i am thinking of heading to the giro this year alone for the last 5 or 6 stages,

if you cant be bothered reading the blurb below, i am basically just after some of your experiences..

very rough plan at the moment...

fly to milan, hire a car and travel to the stage locations (all seem to be within a few hours of each other apart from final stage in rome)
on the evening before the final stage i will get the fast train up to rome from milan. fly out of rome back to sydney the next day.

i have never been to a world tour event, i am really interested in seeing some of the behind the scenes stuff so i think i would like to go to some of the start and finish lines as well as trying to experience the craziness of the top of a mountain stage.

so i have a few questions..

for those stages where i want to see the behind the scenes stuff, is the "event vilage setup" better at the start or end of a stage?
im guessing they might be the same-ish? regarding food, tents for drinks, merchandise etc..

what am i to expect regarding getting to a good spot on a mountain stage, without looking into it yet, im guessing i either camp out the night before or stay at the closest village and ride up before the roads close?

again, i have no experience in this so i have a lot of planning to do! i just thought i would start off by getting some realistic perspectives of people that have been and done it.

i'd love to take my bike but i doubt i will get much riding in so i might just try to hire one when i can.

thanks so much in advance!

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