Road bike any suggestions

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Re: Road bike any suggestions

Postby baabaa » Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:25 pm

Hey Nate, not sure if you saw it but IAG is from Emerald in Qld, heaps different to the type of riding we do in Sydney. Think long runs, not a lot of braking, baking hot rough chip tar roads that melt in summer and out that way the road shoulder that falls away to deep table drains as when it does rain, it really rains. I agree the part about bits being important but out in the bush the frame and wheels combo really counts as drivetrain barely wears out by just changing gears up and down...( maybe). Anyway my call is I agree with you but in the bush you can get away with lower spec bits but what will make you want to ride is a good long legged frame that turns the rough into smooth-ish.

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Re: Road bike any suggestions

Postby fishwop » Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:53 pm

IamGroot wrote:6' 1'' 110kgs down from 180 and looking for a half decent road bike around the 2000 mark.
What's the bigger guys out there riding.

I'm nudging 100kg, down from 145. Same height (186 cm) My bike is a Giant Defy Advanced 2 from 2012, M/L size, with Ultegra groupset. Absolutely love it. Paid considerably less than $2000 for it, second hand. New equivalent now with disc brakes and maybe tubeless would cost over 3k I expect.

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