Thoughts on Vittoria Corsa Speed G+ (tubs)

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Thoughts on Vittoria Corsa Speed G+ (tubs)

Postby zed » Thu Apr 05, 2018 4:36 pm

I mostly race triathlon (long course, so either 90km or 180km ride) as well as a few crits. For my TT bike I run a Zipp disc/808 setup (tubs) and have just bought some Vittoria Corsa Speed G+ for this season. I've got a big race coming up in 5 weeks and am unsure whether to use them. They are fast, but so freaking lightweight, paper-thin, I'm getting a little bit nervous about getting a flat. I've used them in 5 races, but got a flat in my 2nd race using them. That tyre was a bin job. I've since put sealant in them and they've been OK for the last 3 races. I race in WA and the roads are pretty good, generally for the big races they clean the roads, but I'm thinking I should switch to something a bit more durable - thoughts?

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Re: Thoughts on Vittoria Corsa Speed G+ (tubs)

Postby BugsBunny » Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:55 pm

I have used the Vitorria Corsa Speed Open Tubulars in 23mm and yes they feel very fast. I've also noticed that they do wear out faster than other tires I've tried. But as a flyweight at 64kg, I do still get a fair amount of usage in them and I've not yet had a puncture in them - but I did maybe only 600km in them before swapping them to other tires. I also very rarely puncture.

If you are in a position to win or want a PB then I guess give them a go. Else, I would choose a more durable tire if you're just in it for the fun factor.

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