Important information re RACV insurance

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Important information re RACV insurance

Postby Cardy George » Mon May 14, 2018 3:26 pm

So it turns out I've been riding a very expensive, and completely uninsured bike for the last three weeks.

Since mid 2015 I've (supposedly) had my road bike insured as an away from home item listed on our contents insurance. No problems there.

Fast forward to last month when I added my shiny new, even more expensive mountain bike to the cover.

Skip forward again to today and ring RACV to find out why they haven't deducted the premium to be the told the policy has been Null and void for three weeks and subsequently cancelled as I have failed to provide a valuation certificate for either bike.

So not only are my bikes not covered, the ENTIRE CONTENTS of my house has been at risk too.

At no time either over the phone with the first bike, or in person with the second, or in any correspondence whatsoever, has there been any mention of needing a valuation certificate.

If you are using RACV please check the fine print.

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Re: Important information re RACV insurance

Postby Jmuzz » Mon May 14, 2018 4:59 pm

I've seen it in the Velosure and Wiggle (both Holland) policys.
They need reciept/valuation and photos within 14 days or something.

You need to print those things out and go through with highlighter to identify all the tricky clauses.

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