Terms which differentiate between cyclists

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Re: Terms which differentiate between cyclists

Postby nemo57 » Mon Jun 25, 2018 5:27 pm

Ivanerrol wrote:Another form of cyclist.

The everyday transport daily rider. Not hipster.

These are those people - often inner city dwellers who don't own a car.
It's public transport or the bicycle.
You see them every where in the northern Melbourne inner suburbs. Kids are transported in seats in a cargo bike.

... and they vote Green and live on mung-beans and self-righteousness
Ivanerrol wrote:When I was young (50+ years ago)there were three major types of bikes.
(a) roadster - heavy bike with wide wheels and tyres. Sturney Archer three speed hub gears or single speed. Rear foot operated brake.
(b) Semi racer - lighter bike, single speed, thinner tyres and drop bars. Lever brakes
(c) Racer - same as a semi racer but with (exotic at the time) Chain gears and maybe even thinner tyres.

My uncle worked for Healings. They would box up the bikes and label them as roadster, semi race or race.

Roadsters had Northroad bars, low lift flat bars or upturned drop bars. Northroad bars were for girls - a boy wouldn't be seen dead with these. Front wheel brakes were the work of the devil - all the older riders said so. Guaranteed to send you over the handlebars at the first application.

Ah - I remember it well! Now they turn Northroad bars upside-down and call the result a path racer. Hah! Whoever heard of such things in Oz before the interweb?

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Re: Terms which differentiate between cyclists

Postby opik_bidin » Wed Jun 27, 2018 9:45 pm

utility Cylists : Cyclists who cycle as part of their job - Sellers and deliveries
Freestyle cyclists : BMXers, Artistic cyclers, trialists, etc that use their riding as an art and expression of freedom,
Velos : Track cylclists racing against the clock indoor

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