Melbourne Leads while Victoria lags...

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Melbourne Leads while Victoria lags...

Postby human909 » Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:52 pm

Great news coming out of Melbourne Council I thought warranted a thread on the topic. While the council's efforts on cycling infrastructure shouldn't be news to most it does seem that the tread is continue with increasing pace. (Meanwhile we are the last state without plans for minimum passing distances.)

Great article here worth a read. ... 4zodp.html

Here is an image of deaths and injuries. While these aren't good news the fact that the council is serious about mapping this and addressing it IS.

Most noteworthy was this:
The report also suggests grade separating Carlton's Princes and Canning street intersection, on one of Melbourne’s busiest bicycle routes. It would see a bike and pedestrian path dug beneath busy Princes Street.
Whilst the cost associated with such a project is not insignificant, the benefits, primarily in terms of time savings, suggest such a project is worthy of a more detailed investigation,” the report finds.

While that is currently pie in the sky it is significant that such proposals are being considered. I'm sure the expense could be of similar order to the Moore Park bridge. But orders of magnitude more appropriate.

For more reading go here: ... uality.pdf
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Re: Melbourne Leads while Victoria lags...

Postby fat and old » Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:23 am

Only 2 per cent of trips into central Melbourne are by bike, although up to 15 per cent of visitors from the suburbs immediately surrounding the CBD ride.

Given that we get 10% of the parking spaces (hoops) that's not bad.

It will be a cold, cold day in hell before the Lygon St traders lose parking :lol:

Looking at that map a few things stand out. The amount of incidents in Pt Melbourne is interesting. I wonder if it's commuters or training (TT and Tri)?

And I love that little infographic on how things may change. Where are the peds dodging between the trams? :lol:

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