POLL - Your bike. How old and how much?

How old (since new) and how much did you buyyour bike(s) for? (Two most frequently used bikes.)

<1 year
<2 years
<3 years
<5 years
<8 years
<13 years
<20 years
<30 years
>30 years
Total votes: 306
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Re: POLL - Your bike. How old and how much?

Postby hannos » Thu Aug 23, 2018 2:18 pm

I'm still riding a 2010 BMC SLC01 with Zipp 404s.
Bought 2nd hand for $8500.

Still love riding that thing!
2010 BMC SLC01

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Re: POLL - Your bike. How old and how much?

Postby Thoglette » Thu Aug 23, 2018 2:32 pm

Of the last threefour bikes I've owned twothree were "dumpster dives" and one cost me $50. Of course I've spent a bit more than that on them since. None are post 1988.

Cannondale SR1000 or SR5000 (ish - mix of Dura Ace and non-dura Ace) c. 1988. Literally out of a skip.
Gemini (now Vivente) World Randonneur. c. 1983 (only one I paid for, and incomplete to boot)
Romani 10sp, early 80s or late 70s (which Zeus now has - too big for me)
Gordonson gas-tube special (lovely candy apple paint though. And mudguards) c. 1975
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Re: POLL - Your bike. How old and how much?

Postby Ivanerrol » Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:07 pm

Bought 4 bikes on Ebay - all less than $550.00
All required attention- some drastic. Have spent around $2,000 on new parts and upgrades.
Some of those bikes were multi thousands when new.
Bought 1 brand new bike at the LBS. It was half price NOS. It was $500.00 - half price. Sold it today for half that. But haven't spent anything on it other than tubes and brake pads.

Crushed my Specialized Allez roadie a few weeks ago by backing into it with the car. Bought a Trek Madone 5.9 frame and put all the 105 11 speed components from the crushed bike on the replacement frame.
That Allez was an Ebay purchase - a few hundred bucks. The caveat on this bike was that everything mechanical was worn out. - including the wheels.
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Re: POLL - Your bike. How old and how much?

Postby chriso_29er » Thu Aug 23, 2018 10:25 pm

I like to think I have a good mix of quality bikes that span various ages and price points.
I dont see the value in going all out on one bike. But as you can see I do still spend money on bikes lol.

My original 1997 XC MTB, original purchase about $1200 ish. A mid spec bike way back then.
Still going strong as my runnabout not worry to much about bike.

Next is my 2015 XC MTB, original purchase $1300, at that perfect level for light but durible alloy frame with quality components. Could have better forks but does the job.

Then the carbon road bike 2016, upped the purchase to $3000 in order to get a nice balence of lightness and component durability without the need to immediately upgrade. Already done 12000kms as a stock bike.

Finally my Dual sus trail bike 2018. $3600 purchase in order to again get a good compromise without going overboard. Alloy frame for crash durability but with nice suspension spec and components.

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Re: POLL - Your bike. How old and how much?

Postby foo on patrol » Fri Aug 24, 2018 6:45 am

My "bikes" range in age from 4-40yrs in age, so anywhere from $1000-$4000 to replace each of them. :mrgreen:

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Re: POLL - Your bike. How old and how much?

Postby fat and old » Fri Aug 24, 2018 11:01 am

human909 wrote:I'm guessing competitive racing types (or possibly just people with ample financial means).

I'm betting on the latter.

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Re: POLL - Your bike. How old and how much?

Postby mikgit » Fri Aug 24, 2018 12:39 pm

i voted in the +$6500 range...
Bout a Look 675 ligh in 2015 I think it retailed for $8K, cost me $7 (not sure I've seen them listed at 8 and at 7, of course you can get them for like 5cents now new) put $2K of wheels on it, so I put it at ~$9K

main mtb listed at $6K, paid $4.5K Scott Spark 710

human909 wrote:As an on going commentary about the stats:

A clear outlier gr...blah blah snip people with ample financial means).

It would be informative to know. So if you are one of the nine people who have a bike worth over $6500 and haven't previously commented it might be informative on why you have such an expensive bike. If you are happy sharing....

The reason, I learned many, many years ago, buy what you want, the stuff that makes you happy when you are buying stuff, so long as you can afford it.
I like nice stuff, when I first saw the Look 675, I thought it was drop dead gorgeous and wanted one, but I didn't take my own advice as I was only starting road biking (after years of mtb, where I did take my own advice see signature), so it took me 3 years to get one, i had the cash, it was actually the cheapest bike I was looking at (Colnago C59,Look 695,Time Izon) but the one I wanted the most.
It brings a smile to my face every time I go for a ride, thats the main thing for me.
Look 675 Pro Team, Cervelo R3, GT Xizang, GT Zaskar, Scott Spark 710, Yeti ARC, DiamondBack Apex

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Re: POLL - Your bike. How old and how much?

Postby human909 » Fri Aug 24, 2018 10:01 pm

HenryCharlie wrote:I bought an ATX 840 in 1999 too....at least I think it was an 840. It had a mechanical front disc brake, which I swapped out for XT V brakes. Was a good bike, but I bought a size too small and ended up buying a Kona Caldera in 2004, which I still have today.

It certainly has been a workhorse for me. Still running all the original frame, pedals, front wheel etc... Drive train is probably due for another replacement soonish. I don't remember disc brakes being very common at the time except for the really high end bikes. Mine still has its original V brakes, I think LX.

I'll bump (or let this thread be bumped) for another week before I do a statistics summary. One thing observation that I have made was that over time the data average bike price increased. Could be chance or it could be that we have wealthier but time poor forum posters along side less wealthy but time rich posters. Just a thought.... I'm sure there's a few students on here with cheap bikes and plenty of time to procrastinate.

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Re: POLL - Your bike. How old and how much?

Postby Bentnose » Sat Aug 25, 2018 8:26 am

Hard to come up with some figures. I decided to go with the only two bikes that I know how much I bought them for as opposed to swapping and changing parts between bikes. So it was a Cube cross bike I have changed quite a lot on since I bought it with a number of the parts ending up on a roadie and a NOS Pinarello I haven’t built up yet.
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Re: POLL - Your bike. How old and how much?

Postby IncognitoMosquito » Sat Aug 25, 2018 9:24 am

Are you my wife?

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Re: POLL - Your bike. How old and how much?

Postby human909 » Sun Aug 26, 2018 7:26 pm

IncognitoMosquito wrote:Are you my wife?

Yes. This data on bike purchases is being recorded and may be used against you in a Trial by Wife. :P

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Re: POLL - Your bike. How old and how much?

Postby human909 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 12:30 pm

Last bump...

As promised I'll try to provide some additional value added to the poll results. Some statistical mumbo-jumbo stuff. I'm sure I haven't forgotten everything I once learnt.

Thanks for everyone who has responded!

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