Bicycle Hoarding - when N+1 goes extreme

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Bicycle Hoarding - when N+1 goes extreme

Postby opik_bidin » Mon Aug 27, 2018 3:29 am

Came across this article, and it may be true for many of us, and googling it more, it may be some kind of disorder. Although it is some kind of ad for the service, I think it scores many point of us buying many bike and bike related items that aren't used or stockpiled beyond reason.

it's also interesting to see other stories: ... are.92091/
and don't forget this hoarder, (at 3:30) who slept outside for 20 years because he can't go through the front door
[shareyoutube][/shareyoutube] ... -hoarding/

Dealing with Bicycle Hoarding
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there is help - call 1-800-BIKECRAP today

there is help – call 1-800-BIKECRAP today

Ever since 1994, Bike Crap Be Gone, Inc. has provided help for bicycle hoarders and their families by providing them with a fresh start. We have helped thousands of individuals over the years in not only restoring their homes, but also in restoring their lives. Bike Crap Be Gone, Inc. has numerous bicycle hoarding clean up options, which range from a complete clean out to organizing and recovering items of importance. Bicycle hoarding remediation is a specialized service which requires special skills and qualities to achieve a successful result.

We do not simply enter a home that is affected with bicycle hoarding conditions and throw everything out. The reality is that beneath the mountains of clutter and chaos there will be items of importance and value that should be kept. Our attention to detail and understanding of this fact places Bike Crap Be Gone, Inc. in a category above and beyond our competitors. During the remediation process, we can package, transport and even store items while in the process of removing unwanted items.

One call to Bike Crap Be Gone, Inc. and we can arrange a free assessment of your home. We will evaluate your individual situation and develop a plan of action that is unique to your needs. We will put it in writing so you know up front what our services include and what our fees will be with no surprises. We also offer 24 hour phone and email support to answer any questions that will be tended to by our professional and compassionate staff, all of which have hundreds of hours of on scene experience with bicycle hoarders and tending to their needs.

From moderate clutter to severe bicycle hoarding situations, we can help you through this. Contact a bicycle hoarding specialist today to learn more about how we can start the process of restoring not only your home but your life as well!

Bicycle hoarding Cleanup

Need bicycle hoarding help and don’t know where or how to start? We can help with all of your bicycle hoarding clean up needs and more. For 19 years we have been providing caring and compassionate bicycle hoarding cleanup services while offering additional help for bicycle hoarders and their families. Professional and specialty bicycle hoarding help can be difficult to find for the cleanup process. First, understand that bicycle hoarding is a symptom of one or more underlying disorders, but that doesn’t mean it is a life sentence. We can provide help for bicycle hoarders in many ways. We understand that bicycle hoarding and severe clutter can cause embarrassment and shame.

Please know that we have entered thousands of bicycle hoarding homes and nothing you have will surprise us. We are here to make your situation better, not worse so we are caring and non-judgmental, no matter whether you are hoarding old french crap or the latest carbon crap, we are here to help. Our main focus is to help you regain control of your home and get those damn filthy bikes out of there.  No situation is too severe and change is always possible.

Help for Bicycle hoarders

Bike Crap Be Gone, Inc. was developed to provide compassionate help for bicycle hoarders. Our staff of bicycle hoarding experts, are all highly trained in the bicycle hoarding disorder and know how to keep you comfortable. Bicycle hoarding help should be compassionate and discreet. It is not your neighbors business why we are there and our unmarked, plain white vans will ensure your secret is safe. We want you to know our bicycle hoarding help is here for you and we will make a customized plan within your comfort level. Bicycle hoarding cleanup can go smoothly and without the stress and anxiety that has most likely built up inside you. Do not be ashamed, let our bicycle hoarding cleanup specialists help you through this.

Family Members – Before You Can Help, You Must Understand! First, let me say, I am glad you found our site. We are a free service for people to find the help they need to effectively deal with a loved one affected by bicycle hoarding. First, since you may or may not be educated in bicycle hoarding let me go over some basics. Bicycle hoarding is simply defined as the accumulation of items within a home that exceeds what is needed for a normal, functioning household. Bicycle hoarding cases vary in severity, from mild clutter to severe bicycle hoarding conditions, but in all these cases the same underlying factor is true: the daily function of the household has been compromised by the accumulation of bikes and bike related crap.

In our countless hours of experience, we have found that bicycle hoarding is often found to affect brilliant people. We have assisted over 2,000 bicycle hoarders with 70% or more holding past or present careers such as engineers, professors, teachers, psychologists, and even rocket scientists. Simply put, bicycle hoarders syndrome is an “intelligent syndrome.” This is important to mention because it makes the job for families that much harder. Due to the bicycle hoarder’s level of intelligence, they are able to hide the disorder and commonly they are placed into positions where they manipulate family members and loved ones so that their bicycle hoarding issues are minimized.

Additionally, bicycle hoarders are also found among the elderly who just hold on to bikes and bike crap filled with memories or lack the physical ability to take items to swap meets like they once could. Undoubtedly, there may be countless reasons that contribute to an individual that is a bicycle hoarder. Understand that your loved one most likely knows it is wrong, wants to stop, but is unable to control it. When you confront them, they will almost always become defensive and deny they have a problem. This is just human nature. Think of situations where you may have been confronted with something that you may know is wrong and may already feel guilty about. The quickest and easiest way out of facing that situation may be to become defensive or to buy some more supple tires for the pile out back.

Please realize that there is not an underlying psychological disorder or disorders that accompany bicycle hoarding. Bicycle hoarding is perfectly normal but really annoying behavior.

Some common reasons people begin bicycle hoarding are:

* Randonneuring

* Rivendell Rummage Sales

* Peter Weigle’s Flickr

* Heredity (grew up in a bicycle hoarding home)

* Fear of forgetting those stories everyone loves to hear (items hold memories)

* Don’t want to upgrade to 9 speed drivetrain

* And literally hundreds of other reasons we hear regularly.

The point we are trying to make is that “bicycle hoarders” are not simply too lazy to take out the trash. Bicycle hoarding is a complex disorder that requires much more than a good house cleaning. One thing that holds true is that unless the individual bicycle hoarder is facing eviction or city action, a forced cleanout will not “fix” the issue of bicycle hoarding. Besides, if you do clean a bicycle hoarder’s house without addressing the issue, they will just fill it up again. To truly stop someone from bicycle hoarding that has not sought help, they will need therapy/counselling, often times they may need medication, a cleanup of their residence by a company that specializes in working with bicycle hoarders, and good follow up care.

If you are unable to find help in your area, we can assist you. We have not only a database of bicycle hoarding remediation companies, but we can also refer you to counselors, therapists, support groups, etc. We can also answer many questions you (1-800-BIKECRAP) may have. The best advice is to start by calling our 24 hour helpline so that we can get you and your loved one the help that they need. Most importantly, be patient, understanding, and compassionate towards your loved one. We will help you handle the rest!

Bicycle hoarding Disorders

Bicycle hoarding affects all types of people, young and old, male and female. The type of clutter that is found within a household often times reflect the interests, hobbies or career of the individual, although sometimes the type of clutter may seem completely random, also. Either way, the fact of the matter is that the bicycle hoarding is affecting the individual’s life, and may be affecting those surrounding them as well. In the end, the bicycle hoarder’s lifestyle may be dramatically altered, ranging from a limited social life to being cut off from family and friends as a direct or indirect result of bicycle hoarding. This ultimately leads to the bicycle hoarder becoming more and more attached to the clutter that surrounds them, relying on their “stuff” for social interaction and comfort. In the case of gnome hoarders, this may be truer, with the bicycle hoarder finding solace and companionship in their gnomes.

In our experience, we have found that the most common cases of bicycle hoarding exist within certain trends or labels. Listed below are the most common bicycle hoarding cases that we have worked with through our 16 years of experience. Some are actual medical terms, while some are simply descriptions of the type of bicycle hoarding that is affecting the home.
gnome hoarding can be a serious problem for everyone

gnome hoarding can be a serious problem for everyone


A person that acquires more gnomes than they can properly care for is classified as an gnome hoarder. The reality is, gnome hoarders typically begin their accumulation with the best intentions-whether saving gnomes, providing shelter, adoption, or one of the many other reasons for gnome hoarding-their pure intentions soon fade into the background as the inability to properly care for the growing number of gnomes becomes more evident. As the accumulation of gnomes grows, either through the steady acquiring of more gnomes or through the gnomes producing litters of their own, the situation can quickly spiral out of control. The loss of control often results in the gnomes often becoming sick or worse, dying.

More often than not, we encounter gnome hoarder’s homes that are also affected with the general accumulation of clutter. These homes can present extremely dangerous conditions due to the safety issues contributed to the clutter in addition to the gnome waste issues that are present within the home. These homes need to be addressed by professionals that specialize in gnome hoarding and bicycle hoarding scenarios before the home is safe for re-occupancy. Bike Crap Be Gone, Inc. offers a cleanup program that is dedicated and specific to your particular needs, while providing the remediation services needed in these scenarios to restore the home to a safe, clean, and functional living environment. Please visit our GNOME HOARDING page for more information and very touching pictures.

BEAUSEAGE-O-MANIA – bicycle trash hoarding

Beauseage-o-mania is defined as the hoarding of pure bicycle trash. Although pure beauseage-o-mania hoarding cases – where there are no items of value, sentiment, or functional use – are rarely seen, they do exist. When we encounter these types of bicycle hoarding cases, generally the overall conditions of the home are despondent. Extremes have usually been met, such as utilities being completely shut off, and the home being contaminated with a combination of twine, shellac, crocs, and dirty old cloth bar tape. These individuals in general tend to have more severe symptoms of mental disorder than the average bicycle hoarder. These symptoms require specialized treatment from not only a mental health standpoint, but also in addressing the conditions of the home. Only a company that values the human element like Bike Crap Be Gone, Inc. can be trusted to compassionately tend to the remediation needs of these individuals.

BICYCLE LARDER HOARDING – hoarding of bicycle food

Bicycle larder hoarding, or more commonly known as bicycle food hoarding, is attributed to the fear of losing everything. This fear drives the individual to stockpile items that may assist in a perceived “survival mode,” where they are forced to live off of their stockpile of ensure, malto powder, and gel shots.

Although everyone should have some kind of reserve in case of emergency situations, such as a natural disaster or losing a job, these individuals take this ideal to an extreme by turning their home into a storage unit for their excessive stockpile of food and other items. The large majority of the items in these scenarios go remain untouched and unused until they try to give them to friends when on bike rides. Bicycle food hoarders are difficult to reason with, taking as example the fact that many of them do not see any validity behind expiration dates for food items.
worries over not getting credit for a ride due to not having a receipt causes randonneurs to hoard receipts

worries over not getting credit for a ride due to not having a receipt causes randonneurs to hoard receipts


A randonnee receipt hoarder is a bicycle hoarder that has large piles of receipts from quicky marts and safeways throughout their home that far exceeds the normal amount that an average household may contain. These individuals will retain the receipts with the intention in their minds that they will need them at the end of some randonnee in the future or to confirm that a randonnee in the past actually was ridden. The piles continue to increase in size and scope to the point where entire rooms are filled with potential proof of passage for rides and troubling questions from RBA’s that never materialize.

Additionally, the amount of receipts that fill the home becomes so extensive that it would take dozens upon dozens of trips to the recycling center to remove all of the receipts. Bike Crap Be Gone, Inc. has worked with numerous randonneurs that have needed our help in receipt removal. In these cases, we will transport all receipts to a local RBA for processing. Also, our vehicles are large enough so that we can cut the dozens of trips to the RBA down to a handful, and ultimately fulfill that original intention of providing proof of passage that the randonnee receipt hoarder intended.


When we meet with bicycle hoarders that appear to be supple tire-aholics, we understand that this is not the case most of the time. Remember that most bicycle hoarders over time lose a large part of their social lives and find themselves feeling alone with just a quarterly magazine for information, and without the joys and happiness their lives were once filled with before they learned of supple tires.

The thrill of a supple tire creates a high, and a release of endorphins that gives them a quick boost of happiness and joy we call the “high plane”. Unfortunately as they drive home with their supple tires, or the supple tires are being shipped to their residence the high is a little less and by the time the supple tires arrive at their homes, the high is completely gone. The supple tires were not truly needed in the first place and with the rush of positive feelings now gone, the supple tires are simply placed in a pile, and rarely will any of them be used.

This replacement of true emotions and positive feelings by collecting supple tires can not only quickly fill a residence, but can put the bicycle hoarder in a terrible financial state with credit cards racking up large balances. The stress of compiling debt and growing clutter compounds the depression. This is yet another way a bicycle hoarders lack of true interactions with people and finding healthy ways to get happiness from riding bikes spirals them deeper and deeper into a world of isolation, clutter and financial debt.

We work with many bicycle hoarders that suffer from compulsive supple tire purchasing. Through our understanding of this disorder and our compassion, patience and desire to help we can help the bicycle hoarder de-clutter their homes, return many of the unused and unopened items and let us help bicycle hoarders find ways to bring fulfillment and self-worth back into their lives. Supple tires will never replace the people and real things that bicycle hoarders are so often missing. Call us today if you or a loved one’s suffer from compulsive purchasing of supple tires and let us help you get back on track.

Bicycle hoarding Help

Our bicycle hoarding clean up help is more than just a disposal service. Our bicycle hoarding experts will help you sort through your contents, to make sure we recover all items that every functioning household should have, plus all valuables, sentimental items, important documents, statements, bills and photographs. We will work by your side to make sure your residence is cleaned while not causing any additional stress, anxiety or frustration.

Bicycle hoarding cleanup can go smoothly.

Questions? Call 1-800-BIKECRAP, and soon we will leave you feeling great in your new home. Call our bicycle hoarding help line today with any questions. Our bicycle hoarder help will soon be available in many parts of the country, and if we can’t personally help you, we will refer you to a legitimate company that can.

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Re: Bicycle Hoarding - when N+1 goes extreme

Postby Mububban » Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:14 pm

Okay, so my not-very-big spare room now contains 9 bikes for a 4 person family, BUT the herd will be culled as soon as my youngest grows another couple of inches taller... :D
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Re: Bicycle Hoarding - when N+1 goes extreme

Postby Blakeylonger » Mon Aug 27, 2018 5:35 pm

opik_bidin wrote:Although it is some kind of ad for the service,

it is a parody website.

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