Down at the coffee shop

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Down at the coffee shop

Postby Ivanerrol » Sat Sep 15, 2018 12:38 am

I normally take a daily coffee at an Inner Northern Melbourne area cafe (Green area hipsters).
I parked my Italian stallion on the bike rack next to an old Hallmark.
A waiter came out and started talking about his Hallmark.
He's a South American working holiday tourist visa.
He needed something to get around on so he started walking the streets picking up discarded bike bits and pieces.
He managed to pick up the frame and then, wheels and components from many various locations and built the bike up.
I noticed that there were many good Shimano components on the bike.
The only thing he paid for was a bell - at the LBS.
He was very proud of that bike.

I reckon if he put that bike on the usual sale outlets he probably get $150 for it.

Another bike was on the bike racks. A POS BSO belonging to one of the young lady staff. She paid $75.00 for it at KMart.
She said it was alright to get 2km on the flat back and forth to work at the cafe but she couldn't get up a hill to go Uni.
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