Ourimbah to Windsor; Richmond to Rossmore

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Ourimbah to Windsor; Richmond to Rossmore

Postby Kraeg » Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:04 am

I've got a couple of weeks off and am looking at doing some rides. Here are two definite rides, and rather than two topics I've put them both here for opinions, advice, experiences.

First is Ourimbah (Central Coast) to Windsor. My plan is this:
Ourimbah station, along Pacific Highway, to Dog Trap Rd.
Along Dog Trap Rd to Mangrove Mt (using Wisemans Ferry and/or Peats Ridge Rd).
Down through Lower Mangrove then along the river to Wisemans Ferry.
From the ferry along River Rd to the lower end of Sackville Rd (to avoid the climb from the ferry and a magpie I encountered last year at the top of Sackville Rd on a ride from Cattai).

After the Sackville Ferry I'm familiar with the roads through Wilberforce and on to Windsor. I also use to drive a fair bit around Mangrove Mt, and a couple of times drove down through Wisemans Ferry. So I'm mainly wondering about Dog Trap Rd.
I'd like to take my flat bar road/commuter bike, but if my MTB is a better option I can take that.

Then there's Richmond to Rossmore. I have a few options here.
The first one is via Penrith down Castlereagh Rd, then The Northern Rd, down to Bringelly Rd. But I rode Castlereagh recently and didn't like it, so perhaps The Northern Rd all the way from Richmond (I've heard it is a decent road now for cycling).
Another option is the M7 path down to Cowpasture Rd, then down to Bringelly Rd. This can be Windsor Rd shared path to the M7, or Richmond Rd to the M7. I'm a little familiar with these two legs and much of the M7, so it's more about what Cowpasture Rd and Bringelly Rd is like.

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Re: Ourimbah to Windsor; Richmond to Rossmore

Postby fatherofmany » Tue Oct 04, 2011 1:18 pm

Haven't done Dog Trap in a while but from memory the Ourimbah side of the freeway is narrow and twisty and there's only about a km of it unsealed towards the Ourimbah end.
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