Greystanes canal - now SMC running course

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Greystanes canal - now SMC running course

Postby g-boaf » Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:10 pm

The Greystanes Canal Reserve appears to be a course for Sydney Marathon Clinic:

The first run I noticed this morning caused mayhem and there was a report from one other cyclist that he was yelled at by an SMC official. Another cyclist was abused by one of the runners for no fault of his own.

Be aware that they have arrived now and it seems like they don't wish to be particularly sharing.

All of the people I observed riding were respectful and rode courteously. No excuse or reason for them to face abuse. I'll call the council tomorrow and find out if this group intend on having our reserve closed for their events. :|

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Re: Greystanes canal - now SMC running course

Postby TimW » Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:40 pm

I was not going to reply, but i will. I just had a look the the site and their events calender It appears their season runs on Sundays. Now bearing in mind the path is used for cyclists and others, thereby defining it as a "shared" path. What is the problem with runners using the path? I agree and do not condone the "alleged" abuse of the cyclists, but surely there is not a problem with them using it once or twice a month? They appear quite a responsible organisation, and according to their latest News page ban the use of mp3/ipods during their events,something that many cyclists could learn from i would have thought. Its a great section of path,enjoyable to ride, and no doubt enjoyable to run, if it is closed once a month so be it, its not to big a deal is it?
I actually learned of a new section of bike path in that area by watching their video, never knew there was a path down the back of the reserve, will have to check that one out.Tim

edit further i found this excerpt in the race day help section
The Course

Full details, including maps and videos, are available on our website here. The course will be fully marked, with KM markers, so it should be impossible to get lost. Be aware that you will cross a Busway twice. Buses have priority and you may have to stop. Be careful. Be respectful to other users of the path. It is open to the public. Any incidents could threaten the future of SMC. Also please be considerate to local residents.

so it appears the organisation is aware of their responsibilities, give them a chance and see how they go, today may have been a one off with the invariable teething problems.

disclaimer: not affiliated with this club, could not run to safe my life, but enjoy cycling :mrgreen:

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Re: Greystanes canal - now SMC running course

Postby g-boaf » Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:50 pm

It might have been a one off, but it is a shared path as you said. I'm all for sharing, but the others have to as well, and that doesn't mean a runner swearing profanities at a cyclist.

That's the only reason I posted anything, well apart from being a resident.

It also goes without saying that flying through the runners at high speed is not good form either.

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