Sydney weather this morning!!!

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Re: Sydney weather this morning!!!

Postby sertse » Mon Oct 16, 2017 5:16 pm

Jawa wrote:
Andrew09 wrote:Beautiful day for riding the 105km Spring Cycle this morning. Calm , overcast conditions for most of the day. The windiest part was crossing the Harbour Bridge.

Rode the 105 also (111 by the time I finished), worst marshaling ever experienced .. I got lost 3 times, even Robbie McEwen went down the wrong road. Asked a "volunteer" at a rest stop which way to go and they had no idea.

Also, it's not the best look when you ride past these marshals and there too busy swiping on their mobiles ... Would have rather saved my 100 bucks and done a 100 km ride on my own

Agreed on those these points. Marshalling and directions was unclear and as someone who realised that I bitten more than I can chew (I was bonked by the 70km mark and just struggling to complete the rest), my awareness was compromised enough without the added stresses.

I also think there were no bananas or food and only gels at rest steps this year compared to previous years. I ought to been prepared but it threw me off a bit, I really needed something solid.

Back to the weather, it was generally fine though I had the shivers in the section coming back from the parkland and through the "trenches", though it could be my body breaking at that point.

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