Beware flying kittens...

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Beware flying kittens...

Postby Sydguy » Thu Mar 07, 2013 2:19 pm

This morning cycling in Bondi Junction a kitten literally flew out of a moving 4WD and was narrowling missed by the cyclist in front of me whom I was riding with.

It appeared the kitten saw the open window and wondered what was outside, it was tiny, cute, furry and very fast once it hit the ground. It actually paused for a second, then took off, I managed to avoid it, my acrobatics on the bike caused the oncoming car to slow thereby missing me/giving me room to recover.

It was then a game of bike and mouse as the 4WD pulled over and out jumped a lady freaking out about her kitten, I shepherded it still riding along the gutter, riding down the wrong way of the street. Everyone now was then in on the act. The little super scared kitten hid under a parked car and I left those not wearing road shoes to close in on it!

Goes to show anything can happen at any time, cover your brakes and know what cars around you are doing. My first thought was imagine how hated a cyclist would be if they offed a kitten on their lycra clad tour de norego!


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Re: Beware flying kittens...

Postby gorilla monsoon » Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:46 pm

Kitten? Nah. Now, a cute puppy, that would be different. or a piglet. :shock:
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Re: Beware flying kittens...

Postby rdp_au » Tue Mar 12, 2013 4:16 pm

Well, I was once very nearly taken out by a bush turkey. I was pushing along down the Pacific Highway at Wahroonga early one morning and spotted something out of the corner of my eye heading my way from across the road. Initially I thought it was a football that had been kicked over the trees, but as it got closer I realised it was a bush turkey! I think it must have been up in a tree and attempted to fly across the road to the trees on the other side - alas, they don't fly very well and it was loosing altitude on the way. Missed my head by about a metre.

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