Ride to work this morning? (26/03/2013)

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Ride to work this morning? (26/03/2013)

Postby BastardSheep » Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:15 am

I've got no affiliation to this, I just received a notification of it through email and though people here might also be interested.

Someone over at sydney cyclist is trying to map the routes used by commuters in sydney to create a visual representation of the most popular routes used. It's partially being done out of interest, but hoping the data will assist in requests for improved infrastructure, or in other things not yet thought of (depending on what the data shows).

If you are in Sydney and rode to work this morning (26/03/2013), would you care to upload your gpx file to http://www.rideable.org.au/ so they can gather as much information as possible?

I myself just do very short & slow training rides in the afternoons and evenings, I'm not fit enough to be riding to work yet so my data is outside of the time zone they're after.

More details and original post here - http://www.sydneycyclist.com/forum/topi ... ng-project

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