Etiquette for greeting cyclists

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Re: Etiquette for greeting cyclists

Postby Mountcyclo » Tue Jan 28, 2014 11:32 am

In Bathurst where I am many riders give a nod or a wave although most of the roaders in groups tend to grimly ignore my hybrid. :(

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Re: Etiquette for greeting cyclists

Postby frailer5 » Sun Feb 09, 2014 12:43 pm

Odd experience this morning. Took my now-functional '87 Ricardo elite on my weekday commute route Wahroonga to Mt Kuring-gai return. Down the ramp from Asquith stn and heading towards Asquith Boys High, get enveoped in a samey-clad group of a dozen-ish. First guy says 'good morning'; nice change. But then they're traveling same speed on the rise to the school. So, I'm a temprorary member. Then conversation starts behind me about the leather seat, seat tool bag, yada yada. A fairly lightly worn CroMo in amongst the carbon. Had to brake a bit going down the long hill to Bridge rd Hornsby.. :?: so I didn't run up one of the leaders' derrieres. I signalled my exit from them as I wanted to go down the west side of the line. A bit surreal. :)
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Re: Etiquette for greeting cyclists

Postby rheicel » Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:45 pm

^me thinks they are jealous :D

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Re: Etiquette for greeting cyclists

Postby Muzza72 » Sun Mar 23, 2014 6:06 pm

Mountcyclo wrote:In Bathurst where I am many riders give a nod or a wave although most of the roaders in groups tend to grimly ignore my hybrid. :(

I've been recently riding around Bathurst,and coming from the Blue Mountains area find that Bathurst cyclists are a LOT more friendly than those up the Mountains. I'd say for every 50 cyclists I've seen in Bathurst,48 have given some sort of friendly acknowledgement. Compare that to the Blue Mountains,where for every 50 you see you'll be pushed to get 5 friendly greetings.

Lithgow through to Oberon tends to be a 50-50 split between snobs and friendly types.

Yesterday I had the chance to ride around the Wollongong to Helensburgh and Bulli areas,and had to have passed at least 200 cyclists (not counting the families/couples/tourists etc bikepath riding sans helmets - and there were another 200 of them!) varying between decent size bunches,odd groupings of 2 or 3,and random fellow soloists. Now,none of the bunches I saw were head-down team time-trialling or anything,and the smaller groups were all taking it fairly casual. Some of the soloists were hammering along,yes. Any guesses for how many friendly (or in fact,ANY) greetings I received in my 60-odd kilometre jaunt?

Four. :shock: (and 1 of those was from a young-ish guy having a fair old crack uphill into a headwind. Thanks,I appreciated that.)

Rude f...s is what I say.

At least the scenery is fantastic. Can't wait to go back for that. :)
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