Organised/charity rides in/around Sydney.

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Organised/charity rides in/around Sydney.

Postby BastardSheep » Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:01 pm

This year I got back into cycling, signed up quite late (after the originally scheduled date) for the Woodford to Glenbrook Classic (25km), and did the Spring Cycle 55km route, a few moments ago I signed up for the Bobbin Head Classic 57km route, and am eagerly awaiting the Ride to Riverstone (still trying to decide which length I'll do).

Are there any other similar type of rides in the Sydney area with ~50km options? Although I abandoned those I went to these first two rides with quite early and just rode at my own pace, I still quite enjoyed the rides. I'm still a LONG way off being even remotely competitive so racing/comps even with extremely slow categories isn't what I'm after, and prefer road riding despite riding a 26" hard-tail mountain bike.

I'd prefer something where it's not mandatory to fundraise as I don't want to annoy my friends & workmates with too much begging, I try to limit myself to two charity/fundraising activities per year.
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