Bike club in Southern Sydney?

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Bike club in Southern Sydney?

Postby sertse » Sun Sep 04, 2016 8:48 am

Hi all,

I looking at joining a bike club, hoping to find like-minded people and improve my riding. I am in my late twenties living near Hurstville and own a road bike, which I currently ride 30-50km each weekend (weekend warrior). It might increase a bit if I decide to ride to/from work, 25km each way which I'm waiting till daylight saving before I try. I'm mainly looking for training rides to push myself and am curious about racing in the future as well.

I have narrowed it down the four following clubs:

St George Cycling Club (SGCC): Would be my local, but the website is extremely dated and doesn't tell much. Races in Oatley Park which would be extremely convenient, but only in winter. Can't find any info on training rides and seems very focused on track.

Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club (DHBC): Seems to be a popular club and their Sydenham / Marrickville starting point is convenient to get to by train. Looks to be the most welcoming to new members, with different training and social rides for all skill levels. They do good things on track but not sure they do any racing for road?

Southern Cross Cycle Club (SXCC): Weekly year round Sunday racing, which is appealing. Seems friendly and they go all the way down to D-Grade, but very junior and family focused? Not sure what they do for training. In Sutherland, which I can get at around the same time as Sydenham, just the other direction.

Sutherland Shire Cycling Club (SSCC): Saturday racing in winter (I can't make the friday night ones in summer). Appear to have a good set of training rides but not sure how they are run.

Anyone here a member of these clubs? At the moment, I'm thinking of turning up next week with the DHBC just to tip my toe into things and they appear to most welcoming (and I'm not super prepared/fit for racing just yet).

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Re: Bike club in Southern Sydney?

Postby g-boaf » Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:07 pm

DHBC does have road riders out there, and the DHBC people I've met are all pretty easy to get along with.

Southern Cross I know does a bit of track, particularly with the youngsters, but I don't know about seniors.

I'd say have a look at St George first (being your local club), then DHBC.

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Re: Bike club in Southern Sydney?

Postby Derny Driver » Sun Sep 04, 2016 1:11 pm

All great clubs. I like St George very much. They use facebook to communicate rather than the website.

You shouldn't be scared of riding track. St George do a 100 lap motorpace track session at Hurstville Oval every Thursday night (or might be Wednesday). They are very organised and have the best coaches in Sydney. They even have their own NRS team which travels (on sponsors money) to international tours and races. The club is focused on racing but the Oatley races are graded and its a good course.

If you just want group training rides on the weekend with 20 other like minded people then I must say that Dulwich Hill seems to have the best training and group rides of all these clubs. If you dont want to race then DHCC is probably your best bet. That said, they do race and always have a large number entered in the State road race Opens and handicaps. They also have a few guys who ride and race track. Its a big club and very social. If I might be so bold as to say, DHCC would be thrashed by both St George and Sutherland in races. Those 2 clubs have some very strong and very experienced riders and tend to clean up in all the big championships. If you want to ride with the best, then St George or Sutherland would be the pick. But from what you have said I actually think Dulwich Hill might suit you better.

I have a lot of friends at Sutherland and they are great guys but everyone seems busy and they tend to train solo or with a mate or two rather than have the big organised bunch rides like Dulwich Hill have. They also just tend to race their own races at Waratah Park and dont travel much to the Opens. They will also attack the Track championships but it tends to be a bit of a last minute throw together team thing. I hope they dont mind me saying they appear to be a bit unorganised at times.

I dont know much about Southern Cross, they seem to be mostly kids. Kieren on here is in Southern Cross, he may be able to provide more info for them.
PS hes not a kid

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Re: Bike club in Southern Sydney?

Postby sertse » Sun Sep 04, 2016 9:12 pm

Thanks for the responses. I'll check both of them out.

Not so much scared of track, as the need to buy a different bike, find somewhere to store it and find time to attend after work.

I grew up near Oatley so I'm familiar with the circuit,all these memories of taking an underinflated K-Mart cruiser up the hill...

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Re: Bike club in Southern Sydney?

Postby allanvassallo » Tue Nov 01, 2016 4:14 pm

Hey mate, I'm a solo Sutherland shire rider who wouldn't mind some company. going to be based in Sutherland itself in about 6 weeks and generally ride Saturday and Sunday but prefer Sundays when entering the RNP or cruising down to Brighton le sands for the views.

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