a nudge from the inner west

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a nudge from the inner west

Postby zebee » Sat Nov 05, 2016 6:01 pm

In some policy circles the concept of the "nudge" is big. That's where you set things up so people are "nudged" towards doing what you want them to do. More or less make it easier to do it than not.

Looks like someone is testing that in Balmain.

I was visiting someone in Balmain Hospital so headed down Darling Rd from Victoria Rd. Immediately it was obvious that someone was trying to get me to stay out of the door zone!.

The road next to parked cars was awful. Rough and difficult. But get out of the door zone and it was smooth and easy. What a way to teach people to stay out of the door zone! Make it hard to do the wrong thing and people will do the right thing. I stayed out of the doorzone uphill and down just as they must have wanted me to do. I'm sure that's the reason the roads are like that, what else could it be?

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Re: a nudge from the inner west

Postby rdp_au » Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:49 am

Hah! I have something similar on Kissing Point Road in Turramurra. The ‘cycle’/parking lane is rough, narrow, and littered with all sorts of debris. Recently the road carriage has been resurfaced and is now lovely and smooth. The ‘cycle’ lane was left untouched, so is still rough, narrow and dirty. Clearly the intention was to encourage us to keep off it and stay on the main part of the road. Surely?

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