Hunter 'active' transport announcement

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Hunter 'active' transport announcement

Postby bychosis » Fri Jun 23, 2017 9:27 pm

$4m allocated for active transport? Don't think so. One of the things listed is to signalise a busy roundabout. There goes well over half of it! The rest is just lip service to active transport. What a crock :roll:
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Re: Hunter 'active' transport announcement

Postby Rob74 » Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:55 am

Worse that that....the Two Cities Cycle Loop is being Cut by the John Hunter Hospital Bypass from the existing Jesmond Roudabout...


What we have Two Cities Loop is going.....

"Turn right and follow Mordue Parade past the back of Jesmond Plaza. When Mordue parade turns left, look for the cycleway continuing straight ahead and then turning parallel with Newcastle Road.

Cross Newcastle Road at the lights with Blue Gum Road, and then turn right to go along Newcastle Road for about 30 metres before turning left into Illoura Street. Whilst the footpath to the left from the lights is part of the designated cycleway, there are more driveways and potential obstacles to the left than to the right. Proceed up Illoura Street only about 80 metres and you will find an off road Cycleway to the left. This is part of the original tram line and generally speaking the gradient is good. This path has bushland on the right, and Jesmond Park and rose garden on the left. Three quarters of the way along this path is the cycleway up the hill to John Hunter Hospital. After leaving Jesmond Park continue through an old tram cutting, up the hill and down to traffic lights on Croudace Street Lambton. "

So in the future the above does not exist....

Kiss the Cycle Path Good Bye....Welcome to multiple sets of lights & having to cross the "Bypass on Ramp"

Kiss the Rear of Jesmond Park Cycle Path Good Bye - East West Cycle Commute Main Route

Another Great Job from the STOIDI at RMS in destroying the Main off Road East West Cycle Commute Loop from the City to Jesmond/Wallsend Area and the Two Cities Cycle Loop that exists....absolutely disgraceful.


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