Lilyfield Rd proposed separated route

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Lilyfield Rd proposed separated route

Postby zebee » Fri Dec 01, 2017 6:59 am ... bike-route

separated path pretty well all the way from Hawthorn Pde to Victoria Road. With priority at intersections unlike Carrington St.

I don't use that road, so no idea if it's a good idea or not. There's a fair hill there isn't there? I see speed differential on the path was raised as a problem, but I don't think it was properly addressed.

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Re: Lilyfield Rd proposed separated route

Postby tubby74 » Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:41 pm

its pretty easy to be doing 50+ down that hill as its a long steady slope. no way in hell do I want to be that close to people flying down the hill when I'm grinding up there. Also if they do this it would suggest that there's been zero consideration again to anything through the rail yards as part of westconnex, which would be far safer and remove the climb up as you go citybound. A nice flat route would make the route far more attractive to more casual riders. This looks like a need to do something even if its not a good something

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Re: Lilyfield Rd proposed separated route

Postby find_bruce » Fri Dec 01, 2017 4:10 pm

I could use Lilyfield Road, but I choose not to because of safety concerns. There are some very positive aspects of the plan
  • A separated path from the bay run & Hawthorn Canal through to Anzac Bridge will significantly increase the number of cyclists from the area
  • There are plenty of easy ways to get to Lilyfield Road
  • The one way sections will reduce some of the problem traffic, mainly in the afternoon
  • A separated path up the hill won't make the hill any easier, but it will reduce the concern inexperienced riders have when riding slowly
  • The stretch of path on the south side eliminates most of the left hooks eastbound, ie Grove St through to Gordon St
That said, I do have a couple of concerns. As tubby says, that speed differential on a shared path will be problematic - there are already issues on the Anzac Bridge & that is a lesser grade & wider path.

Separated paths are great when they are separated, not so good when they are regularly interrupted by driveways as every driveway becomes an uncontrolled intersection - this is particularly the stretch between Rayner St, Balmain Road & Edward St- the path is designed for cars to give way, but experience of Bourke St is that they rarely even slow down before crossing the paths.

It seems unduly optimistic to suggest cyclists will have priority at intersections with traffic lights - ie Mary St & Balmain Rd - the experience at Union St & elsewhere suggests that cyclists will get a green for 6 seconds every 2 minutes, will sporadically detect bicycles & the timings will ensure that most cyclists get a red wave. Because you know cars getting to we$tconne$$ are far more important

I am dubious about the U bends at intersections, eg Maliyawul (bottom of hill), Rayner St Catherine St. Also it is not clear what they are proposing for the intersection with Gordon St.

Call me cynical, but given the poor implementation of the bike path at the Bay Run by the former Leichardt clowncil, none of which seems to have been improved since the merger, we can look forward to a radar based sign & an advisory speed of 10 km/h - yep thats what these idiots think is the maximum appropriate speed for a bike.

Be interested to hear what Bob Moore's thoughts are.

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Re: Lilyfield Rd proposed separated route

Postby roberto73 » Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:45 pm

That's similar to how I see it too, has some good parts and some bad. Particularly bad as most seem to say is the two way cyclepath down the steep hill to the canal. They have increased the width of this section of path to 2.8 m, 1.6 up, 1.2 down. Still too narrow, or just the wrong treatment. The bi-Di is still only 2.4 m wide between Balmain Rd and Gordon St by the looks, unfortunately they didn't include a cross section in the plan online. Also bad is the blind corner at Gordon St. And the bend out at Mayawul St, directing fast downhill cyclists towards exiting traffic!

Agree about the best option being through the Railyard, from Justin St, which is being proposed by Westconnex in its Active Transport Strategy. Might take some years though, Council reckons 10. But the route is cleared now, could just whack something in now almost. The full CityWestCycle Link chiselled out on one side of the cutting under Balmain Rd and Norton St would be even better, which Westconnex gives a mention too, and Innerwest Council supports in principle. Westconnex will have plenty of heavy machinery nearby soon, assuming it gets the go ahead. Lilyfield Rd cycleway would be completely unnecessary in that case.

Because they are making sections of LF Rd one way and taking out parking on one side in others (check the plan on Yoursay Innerwest) there is actually room for good bike lanes along most of the road, and some finangling could get the rest too, which would suit fast commuters and "new" or the unsure cyclists better IMO. The only section where this might be inadvisable is the steep hill to the canal, where the present set up with an uphill wide bike lane and a share the lane downhill appears to be working well. It is just stubbornness to keep saying we must have separated paths everywhere,, surely safety and convenience also must be factored in. Anyone know of a bi-Di on a 10% gradient hill?

There is a drop in session at Orange Grove Public School on 12 December, 6 pm to 9pm, where you can see the plan and make comments via sticky notes on a giant aerial photo map. Not sure what they do with the notes, an assistant just peeled them off at the end of today's session, no system. Better to use the Yoursay web site to make comments or maybe email Innerwest councillors alerting them to your concerns.

If you think they should put up a "bike lane on both sides option" too, please say so loud and clear. By choosing only to do a bidirectional cycleway design they have tried to lock us in to the concept, but they have had to give up parking and make it one way in parts so now there is space for conventional bike lanes, which could have protective buffers as well.

Thanks if you get this far, a bit long. There is more on Sydney Cyclist, where I put up some cross sections.

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Re: Lilyfield Rd proposed separated route

Postby roberto73 » Thu Dec 28, 2017 5:36 pm

Calling cyclists in western suburbs (west of Leichhardt anyway) who commute to the City. Submissions on the Lilyfield Rd cycleway plan close on Feb 2 on Can do online or by email. Important that commuters west of Leichhardt put comments in, as most Leichhardt/ Balmain area cyclists probably don't use the road that much, having other ways to get to and from the City. Most would use Brenan St or Victoria Rd etc. The Inner West Council in its wisdom only advertised it locally, apart from a stall one day down at Hawthorne Canal, but I did a bike count one morning and asked where cyclists came from. Some from Parramatta, Concord, Fivedock, even Ryde, and some from Ashfield and Croydon Park. The detailed plans are also on

It's an expensive project with about $4.5 m allocated so far, so important to get it right. Narrow 2.4 m bidirectional cycleways just shouldn't cut it these days, and there is room for a wider path since they are removing parking in the middle section, and making it one way for cars in other sections, freeing up an entire lane, though the latest plan has half of that used up by green "Swales", and tree planting, to try to appease the locals.
More discussion on Sydneycyclist if you want to read further on what is proposed.

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Re: Lilyfield Rd proposed separated route

Postby goneriding » Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:01 pm

For me the hill is the bigger inhibitor to people cycling over the lack of a bike lane. Whilst it is great to see the initiative of providing separated lanes, Lilyfield Rd isn't overly busy even during peak hour. It's more likely to turn into something like King St. The money would be better spent fixing up the shared path on Victoria Rd.

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Re: Lilyfield Rd proposed separated route

Postby Strawburger » Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:26 pm

Ive just added 40 or so engineering comments to the have your say interactive map. To me it has had some thought put into it, but not extensive. It seems that a few non cyclists have had a crack at the layout.
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Re: Lilyfield Rd proposed separated route

Postby roberto73 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:32 pm

Straw burger, many cooks in the kitchen. tfNSW dumped the project on the Council, with big dollars, Council at first rather shocked, not prepared for such a big project, so sent it to a consultant. Consultant supposedly good at doing bi directional cycleways, as their head was involved with City of Sydney cycleway development. So locked in to bidirectional path from the start, which was unfortunate IMO.

First plan attracted major resident opposition on loss of car parking, so after a long delay of a year they have come back with the revised scheme. The residents keep their parking, at the expense of making sections one way, which residents still don't like.

Parking is removed on the south side from one section in the new plan, Justin St to Gordon St, but not from Balmain Rd to Justin St. They say parking is needed for light rail patrons, but Council has always said parking should be only for kiss and ride and disabled, which is already provided at Catherine St.

They will have to relocate the kerb anyway between Balmain Rd to Justin St, so it is going to be a very expensive car park. If parking was banned, easy and cheaper to get a good 3 m bike path.

Hope a few more people might get on to the yousayinnerwest site and push this a bit. Some interesting comments up now, worth a peruse. Quite a few opposing the "crossover" point at Edwards St, saying why not have the crossover at Balmain Rd where most cyclists have to stop for the lights anyway. They could install advance storage boxes to facilitate right turns onto the cycleway.

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