"Hell Ride" Cyclist Fined $400

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"Hell Ride" Cyclist Fined $400

Postby Aushiker » Thu Aug 09, 2007 12:13 am


I don't know the source but this was posted in aus.bicycling.

A cyclist who hit and killed an elderly pedestrian during Melbourne's 'Hell Ride' has pleaded guilty and been fined for failing to stop at a red light

31-year-old William Raisin-Shaw struck 77-year-old James Gould on Beach Road in Mentone in August last year.

Mr Gould died in hospital the next day.

The cyclist was one of about 100 riders taking part in the regular training
ride from Black Rock to Mount Eliza and back.

He pleaded guilty to failing to stop at a red light, and was fined $400.

Magistrate Charlie Rosenthal said many people would consider the $400 fine "pathetic".

But he also said it was important the community remember that Mr Raisin-Shaw was not being sentenced for the death of Mr Gould, only that he didn't stop when he should have.


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