Hit and Run in Melbourne

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Hit and Run in Melbourne

Postby Aushiker » Mon Aug 13, 2007 10:50 pm

This is from aus.bicycle. Reposted verbatium.

This morning at approx 0640h I was riding towards the city on Johnston St in
light rain and as I turned left onto Nicholson St (in Abbotsford) I noticed
a girl in bike gear on the corner who looked pretty upset. As I pulled up
to see if she was OK I noticed that her bike was pretty well trashed (see
pictures via links - poor quality as I used my mobile). The first one shows
her bent top tube, the second shows the RH crank arm (Durace) bent across
the chain stay, and the last one is from front on with the seat tube upright
so you can see the angle the front triangle was bent at.

http://img257.imageshack.us/my.php?imag ... 002em4.jpg

http://img257.imageshack.us/my.php?imag ... 003qe5.jpg

http://img293.imageshack.us/my.php?imag ... 004ne6.jpg

She was fairly young (I'd guess early 20s) and she said that she thought she
was OK and her hubby was on his way to pick her up. Apparently she was
heading towards the city on Johnston St and a car going the other way
decided to turn right into Nicholson just as she was crossing the
intersection (about 5 min or so before I got there). Although they both had
a green light, the driver didn't have a green arrow and he failed to give
way to her. The car ploughed into the RHS of her bike (hence the bent
cranks) and she said she ended up half on the bonnet before being thrown
clear. The car went about 15m or so down the road, stopped for a second or
two and then sped off at a great rate of knots down Nicholson St. She was
understandably pretty shook up and only managed to get a couple of letters
of the numberplate and she thought it was a maroon commodore or falcon. She
said that she was a bit sore but was pretty certain that nothing was broken
(from looking at the bike I think she was very lucky to walk away without
any broken bones).

I stayed with her while she waited for her hubby as I was concerned that she
might go into full on shock. I tried to keep her talking to make sure she
was still holding it together and she managed to right up until her husband
arrived and then she pretty well collapsed emotionally and physically into
his arms. While I was talking to her I noted that she had an LED flasher on
the handlebars (it was still turned on) and a bracket for another light that
had smashed off (this was sitting next to her helmet). I also found the
remains of her rear LED flasher on the road. I did what I could to convince
her to call the police but I am not sure that she did so. Looking back now,
I probably should have called them myself while I was at the accident site.
I ended up quickly jotting down a draft email when I got to work and then I
called the Collingwood Police Station and reported what I had seen. The guy
was actually pretty sympathetic and said he would try to locate the
investigating officer and then get him/her to call me back (assuming that
the girl reported it).

I hope that the girl (I really should have asked her what her name was) is
OK and that she reports the incident to the police and that they catch the
prick who was driving. I guess there are many possibilities as to why the
guy drove off and my first thought was that maybe he had been drinking and
didn't want to hang around for the police to arrive with a breathalyser
(only a theory!!!). I made sure that in my draft email I noted that her LED
flasher was still flashing and that a second light had been smashed off and
she was also wearing a jacket with reflective panels - just in case they
catch the guy and he claims that she was riding with no lights!!!!

If you do see a maroon commodore or falcon in Melbourne with scratches on
the front left corner that look like they might have been made by a bike
then get the rego and let me know and I will pass it onto the police.

Stay safe out there.


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